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Voices From The Cheap Seats: Fans That Sue Are No Fans At All!

Here it is, not even a week after the first race of the season and already it looks as if NASCAR is going to have at least three lawsuits to contend with. We’re off to a great start!

Now normally, when it comes to suing NASCAR, I am usually on the “non-NASCAR” side of the aisle. This time however, I find myself firmly entrenched in the sanctioning body’s camp.

Jeff Meyer gives us his take on the news that some of the fans injured by debris at last week’s Nationwide Series race are filing lawsuits against NASCAR.

Of course, the litigation of which I speak is none other than from a few fans that were injured during the spectacular crash in last Saturday’s Nationwide race, but here is the kicker. According to the law firm that they have hired, none of the litigious (the P word inserted here… or another name for cats, if you like) suffered life-threatening injuries! One had a broken leg, another a head injury and the third (“A”-word followed by a void in the ground) … well, the third guy/gal we’re not sure about just yet. The founder of the law firm hired was going to call the office and check it out, but he was quite sure it was not “life-threatening.”

“When you go to a sporting event, if you are underneath the basket that’s where your seat is and Shaquille O’Neal comes after a loose ball and dislocates your shoulder, you sat there knowing that was a risk,” said John Morgan, founder of Morgan and Morgan.

He went on to say that in the case of the wreck at DIS, however, the fans expected the fence to keep them safe from flying debris.

Are you (F’ing word here) kidding me?! It’s a _fence,_ you stupid (S word with the non-tails side of a coin). It’s not a _wall,_ or a see-through poly-carbonate shield but a _fence!_ Complete with holes to see through and everything! What a bunch of not so bright braying donkeys! Read the back of your ticket. You assume the risk, “just as I wrote earlier in the week.”:https://frontstretch.com/jmeyer/42407/

While you’re at it, you big (nickname for Richard, and again, that same side of the previously mentioned coin) why not sue the driver who _caused_ the wreck in the first place! Obviously, you wouldn’t have been injured at all if someone had a bit more talent or hadn’t been grossly negligent in controlling their vehicle!

These so-called fans are not fans at all. No, in my book you are nothing but money-grubbing scumbags! (Can I say that without getting suspended? Perhaps I should call Jeremy Clements for advice on that…)

One good thing about all this drama is, lawyers are about the only thing NASCAR has more of than rules. I hope they drag this out til… ’til… well, until the rotten (fatherless offspring… plural) kickoff!

If there _is_ a settlement that no one is allowed to discuss, at the _very_ least, it better include a clause that states, in effect, that “by agreeing to said terms, plaintiff is permanently banned from any and all future NASCAR events.”

I know I sure don’t want to be sitting next to you pansy donkeys! (Gee, I hope I didn’t offend any flowers or flower lovers!)

Stay off the wall (but be advised…sometimes excrement flies over it!),

Jeff Meyer

“Contact Jeff Meyer”:https://frontstretch.com/contact/14350/

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