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Voices From the Cheap Seats: NASCAR Thoughts Of Optimism and Pessimism

As I start my 10th year of writing about NASCAR for Frontstretch.com, I find it even harder than in years past to get “really excited” about it just yet. Once the last race is run in November, I tend to totally shut out, or try to, anyway. That’s hard to do when your significant other is a racing nut! But I do, avoiding all things that have anything to do with NASCAR until I actually see the pretty-colored cars going around in circles again the week before the Daytona 500. Unfortunately for me, my editors seem to think I should get excited a whole week earlier than that so in order to keep them happy, here goes…

I recently read about a child who, having been told to drink his milk, said something to the effect that an “optimist saw the glass as half empty.” When his father corrected him that it was actually a pessimist, the kid replied… “Not when the glass is full of something you don’t like!”

I’m not entirely sure how that really fits into my feelings about the 2013 NASCAR season, but I liked it so I thought I’d include it. I still thinking about what it means… ask me again in July!

Here’s some more thoughts bouncing around in my head as the season prepares to get underway…

*Predictions:* Unlike most other sports, where you can sort of gauge a team’s strength based on new talent, trades, new coaches and the like, trying to predict in February who is going to be in the Chase come September, and especially a Champ in November in NASCAR is to me like trying to teach a cat to fetch…or a pig to sing…or… well, you get the idea. It is totally pointless. Sure, you have the top money teams that you “expect” to be there, but there are just too many variables, in a season that is longer than a train blocking your commute to work when you’re running late, to make “predictions” any more serious than a game of cowpie bingo. (Email me if you want to know what cowpie bingo is!) Even us self-proclaimed “experts” in the media are making nothing more than guesses that are usually based on simple “feelings” … some of which, as it turns out, are just gas. If you want educated predictions about the Chase and a possible Champion, ask me in June or July.

Jeff Meyer is having a little trouble getting 2013 started but Brian France is sure to come to the rescue when he gives his next state of the sport speech.

*Brian France:* Longtime readers know of the highest esteem in which I hold Mr. France. Because of that esteem, I have not yet read any of Brian France’s unique usages of the English language, or logic, from his latest “State of the Sport” address. That is something I plan to tackle during this next week. I ask for your prayers in this endeavor. Just the fact that he is still in a position to give said speech just goes to show that _my_ prayers have yet to be answered.

*Breaking new television ground in NASCAR:* The stage has been set for possibly the first ever “passionate kiss” by two competitors of a NASCAR race to take place in Victory Lane. I speak of none other than Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Danica Patrick, who are now romantically involved (presumably with one another.) Unless, of course one has to take the other out to get there. Did anyone ever foresee a day when such a thing could possibly have even the remotest chance of happening?!

Optimistically, all we need now, to proclaim NASCAR’s Drive For Diversity program a resounding success, is two gay minorities to find their way into Victory Lane! Imagine what that scenario would do for the ratings!

As usual, see you again in a week. Oh and…

Stay off the wall!

Jeff Meyer

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