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@stevewallace66: I am sorry to bob Dillner he is not the orange cone I was Led the wrong way sorry.

@bobpockrass: Got in a car for a ride with Kyle Busch at Martinsville Speedway and he said “I can’t scare you here.” … Uh, that’s why I came. #nascar

@bobpockrass: Kyle Busch said he hasn’t had time to congratulate Kurt on new deal. Will sit down soon & talk about whether he’ll run KBM NNS car in 2013.

@TheMiniChad: best news of NFL regular refs coming back to work? Replacement refs can go back to their regular jobs…NASCAR OFFICIALS #phantomDebris

@LorraP (Lorra Podsiadlo): Lincoln out on the pond w/ uncle @ClintBowyer https://twitter.com/LorraP/status/251354202201268224/photo/1

@twoninereyes: Well folks we cut the corner and we r stuck in the mud. I hope nobody is landing. https://twitter.com/twoninereyes/status/251421608231710720/photo/1

@twoninereyes: And these guys r goin wtf. What r we gomna do now https://twitter.com/twoninereyes/status/251422021781708800/photo/1

@twoninereyes: And the pilot is takin pics. #coveryurass https://twitter.com/twoninereyes/status/251422636247236608/photo/1

@Kenny_Wallace: This is my Hotel Room, Once AGAIN “I am BIG TIME” :) Please Remain Calm I am just Bragging! http://twitter.yfrog.com/es7u3bwj

@WendyVenturini: One pilot’s “minor error” has just delayed several HUNDRED #NASCAR peeps. Concord Airport Runway closed at least 90 minutes.

@landoncassill: Man the harpoons Concord Mills mall there are about 700 people from the Regional airport headed your way probably looking for beer and food!

@WendyVenturini: This has turned into a comedy. NASCAR officials have lawn chairs out. We are playing w the kids, tailgating. Plane has NOT moved 3 hrs later

@CJMearsGang: A good night after all….. instagr.am/p/QGQKhghKhq/

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @KurtBusch”Anybody with a hard card knows this 78 car has more potential in it [than Phoenix Racing car]”

@bobpockrass: Kurt Busch says the Phoenix Racing cars are 4 years old … also likes fact that Furniture Row has veteran crew chief & RCR alliance #nascar

@dcaraviello: If James Finch’s cars really are four years old … then it makes when Kurt Busch did at Sonoma earlier this season even more spectacular.

@dcaraviello: Didn’t know Chris Economaki, but loved him as no-nonsense pit reporter. Got sense he wasn’t too friendly w/ those he covered. Will be missed

@CandiceSpencer: Want to know why this isnt a lateral move for @KurtBusch? There are eight crew men at Phoenix Racing, 64 at Furniture Row Racing #NASCAR

@Regan_Smith_: Sad to hear about Chris Econamaki, I always looked forward to getting my copy of Nat. Speed Sport in the mail. Thoughts are w/his family

@heymartysnider: “Young man, my face is my credential.” Economaki never even slowed down, kid never stopped him. Classic. He inspired all of us in biz.

@ClintBowyer: “@JimmieJohnson: I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just saw @ClintBowyer running If u’d quit overachieving a guy wouldn’t have to do this shit

@jeff_gluck: Report from @bobpockrass says each NASCAR org gets 4 tests in ’13. This is HUGE for big teams. They will get info from their satellite orgs.

@tomjensen100: It’s embarrassing to watch a race where 1/4 of the field quits. Imagine going to a musical and the horn section walks off after 2 songs.

@KeselowskiBrian: @tomjensen100 thats what happens when the purse money gets cut by almost 50% in 2 year span. It sucks bad

@SamanthaBusch: Omg where’s Waldo pic! Do u spot the man in only a speedo?! That’s an eye full! @monstermile http://twitpic.com/azjpfb

@jeff_gluck: Winner: Joey Logano. Pretty much a complete ass-kicking.

@AshleyAllgaier: Well… That’s a 30th place finish for us today.

@AshleyAllgaier: Justin to crew “keep your head up.. We just proved we can build awesome race cars and contend for a win” #staypositive

@jeff_gluck: Victory Lane. @ Dover International Speedway http://instagram.com/p/QLLk8KNXsY/

@Kenny_Wallace: Here is a picture of the @NASCAR_NNS garage area from my “Hotel room” after the race! http://twitter.yfrog.com/h3c3cfvcj

@kaseykahne: Had a really good @GreatClips Chevy today. Thanks to all my guys. Engine shut off twice today, not sure why.

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Thanks everyone for your condolences, really means a lot to me. Really wanted to win today for her but 7th is still solid.

@kaseykahne: Hey @austindillon3 why ask me what happened after race and then tell tv something else? I said the engine shut off.

@austindillon3: @kaseykahne you told me you spun the tires and then the temps went to 300

@SummerBedgood: Twitter bitch fests are even more fun to watch when millionaires are involved. #NASCAR

@SamHornish: Needed a debris caution b4 that tire went flat. Good day otherwise. Thanks to all our fans out there. You’re awesome!

@BubbaWallace (Darrell Wallace Jr.): What a weekend for my team and I! Such a honor to be a part of JGR! 2 poles, 1st career NNS pole! Wow! Not the finishes we wanted! Thx evry1

@SamanthaBusch: Just YouTubed “AJ is pissed” like Sauter said to. Pretty awesome he said what he wanted to say without saying it #NowIGetIt

@kaseykahne: “@rchilders55: These restarts in this truck race are nuts.. They are getting after it..” No kidding. This is awesome!

@jim_utter: What a pass! What a race!

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): I don’t care who you like, @NelsonPiquet just showed how to drive the wheels off of a truck. Congrats to @TurnerMotorspts !!!

@Beth_Frntstrtch (Beth Lunkenheimer): What a race! And when it ends in a pass like that? Incredible! #NASCAR

@JuliaPiquet: Te amo @NelsonPiquet I have no words

@Brett_Griff: You wanna work for a guy that’ll try and make that pass versus running 2nd. Kudos to Nelson. #NASCAR

@pkligerman: Just didn’t put it together, We Are the fastest every week & find a way to lose. Not letting this happen again. Watch out. #NASCAR #NCWTS

@JMorris_NP (John Morris): Just saw @ClintBowyer playing catch w/ a football in coach lot. He went deep & ran through a @JimmieJohnson @ESPN interview. Ha. #NASCAR

@NelsonPiquet: Well fans, i haven’t had really time to write anything personal since the win. Its still sinking little by little! Tks for all the messages!

@NelsonPiquet: Its for sure one of the best moments of my career without a doubt!! Im at the airport bit tired from the long night we had ;-)

@DeLanaHarvick: Keelan is giving @KevinHarvick a little pep talk before the race! #godadgo http://img.ly/nX9E

@jeff_gluck: Someone asked Hornish about his contract at tweetup. Hornish said he was in a meeting w/Roger Penske when he left to come to tweetup. #oops

@jeff_gluck: But anyway, Hornish told fans he was told by Penske they’d work on the deal more next week. Seems fairly confident he’ll be back there.

@RCR31JeffBurton: Spending a little time with the family (minus one) prior to the green flag @MonsterMile #NASCAR -PR https://twitter.com/RCR31JeffBurton/status/252466486734635008/photo/1

@SamanthaBusch: Lead 302 damn laps to loose on fuel mileage. Freaking sucks can’t lie

@MissJFish: P8 for the day. Not too bad considering this track was our Achilles heel of the Chase. We’ll take it!
@JennaFryer: I think @ClintBowyer is still in this. He’s 4th in standings, and next up is Talladega, where he’s, oh, the two-time defending winner

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Happy birthday to me…Happy birthday to me…Happy Birthday to @2Spotter…….thanks @keselowski #NASCAR

@Brett_Griff: Weird race. Pissed off with a top 10 is a good problem to have, right? #NASCAR

@tomjensen100: For the fifth time in six races, @jeffgordonweb finishes second or third. And he loses ground in the championship. @nascaronspeed #nascar

@Writer_Amy: A week after complaining that he’s not getting enough TV interviews, Kyle Busch declines to be interviewed. Can he have it both ways?#NASCAR

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Sorry bout the rant folks!! But it happens ever once in a while!!! There is always next week

@3widemiddle: Congrats to my friend @2Spotter on his win today at Dover! Fun racing u guys, just wish we could’ve raced for it at the end.

@SteveLetarte: Best compliment of year: Fact that JRNation is not happy w start in chase. Expectations where they should be! How far we have come!

@JMorris_NP: Picture from last night leaving @MonsterMile. I don’t think I realized Miles’ eyes lit up. Pretty cool. #NASCAR http://twitpic.com/b03cat

@dennyhamlin: “@TheAlexHayden: A rainly, dreary Monday morning….Perfect for a guy with absolutely nothing to do today!” 10 4 to that

@MissJFish: @dennyhamlin I can give you something to do later… It’s called crib shopping

@RyanNewman39: I’m thrilled to be driving for @quickenloans next year. Engineered to amaze, indeed!

@bobpockrass: While not going into $$, Stewart said the cost of 18 races for 2013 was more than 9 for 2012 for Quicken Loans. Increase in investment.

@dcaraviello: Marcus Smith tells Brad that significant other is welcome to compete in track’s Better Half Dash. Brad: “There are no significant others.”

@DNewtonESPN: Woman making a difference in @Keselowski life at the moment is sister Dawn, who’s helping keep race organization & life straight. #nascar

@dcaraviello: Brad Keselowski said he’ll reduce N’wide involvement to focus more on Chase. Ryan Blaney to now drive No. 22 at Kansas. Rest played by ear.

@keselowski: Who would have thought my sister helping me out would be news worthy? I’m very proud/happy to have her support along with many others.

@DeLanaHarvick: Outraged “media” publish this bullshit… RT @JennaFryer . @KevinHarvick and @DeLanaHarvick are OUTRAGED. Allegedly.

@KevinHarvick: Oh man check your yard the enquirer might be watching!!! “@mw55: Hi my name is mike and tony has groped my ass…

@DeLanaHarvick: that would require having the facts RT @jodyhancock73: @DeLanaHarvick :Don’t they know Smoke has been grabbin ur butt for yrs for good luck?

@NewmanKrissie: Tony grabs everyone’s bum-even guys! “@American83: @NewmanKrissie has Tony grabbed your butt before?”

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