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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 8/1/2012

@jim_utter: NEWS: AJ Allmendinger had been indefinitely suspended by #NASCAR after his B sample failed random drug test

@DNewtonESPN (David Newton): #NASCAR @AJDinger now has two basic options, enter Road to Recovery program or fight in court

@ESPNMcGee: #NASCAR doesn’t say what he tested positive for. That’s not a surprise.

@queers4gears: As sad as I am for AJ – I am not sad for the mess that “would have been” if the A sample had been a false positive

@NewmanKrissie: she is a huge help and loves her lil sister “@Kim6630: @NewmanKrissie What does Miss B think of baby Ashlyn? I bet she’s a great big sis!”

@31n2Spotter: And the attempt to win the court of public opinion will continue. When you fail a DUI we know what you blow. Just release what it is…

@queers4gears: ……and just like that, nanogram replaces hoodpins as the NASCAR word of the week.

@scottspeed: Remember that Aj has accomplished so much and for that he deserves respect. He wasn’t given anything. He earned it #respect

@AllWaltrip (Darrell Waltrip): Trusty Boy took his last ride to the vet this morning, he’s gone and so is a big chunk of my heart, he was my best friend, hurts so bad.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): Drug test results are on a NEED TO KNOW basis. The people that NTK, already do. If anyone can benefit from it,they’ll be told individually

@JennaFryer: #NEWS: AJ Allmendinger says he will participate in the Road to Recovery

@JennaFryer: One note on Road to Recovery — I’ve been told “it’s not easy or fast.” #NASCAR

@JennaFryer: Second note on Road to Recovery; Once the B sample fails, completing the program is the ONLY way to be reinstated to #NASCAR

@AJDinger (AJ Allmendinger): I just want to say thank you first and foremost for all if u sticking by me. Please don’t think me being quiet means i haven’t been reading all ur

@AJDinger: Support. And man, it means more than u will ever know. I’m sorry we even have to have this going on. But i promise ..i will do whatever it

@AJDinger: Takes to get to the bottom of this and get back out there no matter what. Thanks guys.

@HigNASCAR (David Higdon): We’re very pleased that AJ Allmendinger has chosen to participate in the #NASCAR Road to Recovery program. (1/3)

@HigNASCAR: It’s designed, as proven, to provide a roadmap leading to a return to competition, and we wish him the best of luck. (2/3) #NASCAR

@HigNASCAR: As with other competitors, we look forward to the day when the Program Administrator recommends him for reinstatement.” (3/3) #NASCAR

@JamieLittleESPN: Knowing my ESPN family begins Cup this weekend while I have another 2 weeks of pregnancy is tough. Patience is not my strength.

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR @AJDinger business manager says lab, to her understanding, ruled out ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines and alcohol.

@AllWaltrip: I’m having a rough day, but not as bad as @AJDinger, the road to recovery is a long and winding one but it’s the only way, a place to start!

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR Dr. Black: “I’m not aware of any commercial products that would have influenced the test outcome.”

@MikeMassaroESPN: I know I can’t fill @JamieLittleESPN shoes but will do my best on pit road at the Brickyard….Excited! It’s been a few years!

@DeLanaharvick: everyday is an adventure! #lifeisgood RT @imchrisaust48: @DeLanaHarvick so how is life with keelan so far?

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): It appears energy drinks have also been ruled out…. If they were a problem at all half the garage would have been suspended before now

@dennyhamlin: Wheels up for Indy in the morning. Not sure ive ever been this excited to get to a track as I am right now

@DeLanaHarvick: @KevinHarvick & I have been lying outside with Keelan for hours tonight! He loves being outdoors… #specialmemories

@jeff_gluck: .@JimmieJohnson’s 7:45 a.m. press conference has got to be the earliest one ever. Right? At least since I’ve been around.

@jeff_gluck: Jimmie walks in. A semi-surprised @KristineC48 says, “Oh, everyone is up! Does everyone hate me (for scheduling it)?” Naw!

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): Early bird gets the worm….7:45 am media availability. I’m sure there are some media members who love me right now https://twitter.com/KristineC48/status/229181512740896768/photo/1

@jeff_gluck: The crazy schedule today? Jimmie says he doesn’t mind it as a driver, but says tough on the crew guys. #NASCAR

@DNewtonESPN: #nascar http://mypict.me/neO3V diehards. Yes fans are here for 830 am cup practice.

@MartySmithESPN: Jessica Ghawi was killed in Aurora CO shooting. Today is her funeral. Her friends asked me for this pic. #RIPJessica https://twitter.com/MartySmithESPN/status/229196352364634112/photo/1

@bobpockrass: Carl Edwards stresses Bob Osborne dealing with health issues. Carl didn’t know how serious they were until last week. #nascar

@CandiceSpencer: Edwards says if the 99 team doesn’t perform and Osborne improves he could come back “nothing is set in stone” #nascar

@nateryan: Carl Edwards said he is getting a kick out of #ChadNorrisFacts. Has gotten many texts with the jokes. “We’re having fun with it.” #nascar

@DNewtonESPN: #NASCAR The good news on Bob Osborne is his health issues don’t appear to be life threatening. He is not at Indy, though.

@jeff_gluck: Just saw a good deed: @bobpockrass gave up his seat in Dale Jr press conference for elderly man who walked in. Bob found another seat.

@DeLanaHarvick: Yeah I’m “that mom” whose idea of a shower is slapping on extra deodorant before making a target run to get Keelan supplies. #dontjudgeme

@queers4gears: one thing I LOVE about @IMS – camera shot from the cable tram down pit road/front stretch – simply the best “shot” in motorsports #NASCAR

@bobpockrass: I guess NASCAR felt that Kahne spun the tires or something because we haven’t heard a penalty for the start. #nascar

@NASCAR_Realtime: How does #Nascar pick & choose who to make calls on & when to make them. #wth

@KevinHarvick: Seems I must not understand the rules of the start of the race. Please explain NASCAR we are all confused…

@KevinHarvick: I was told at Kentucky by nascar that even if the pole car did not go it was in my best interest not to beat him to the line.. #confused

@Kerry_Tharp: #NASCAR explains race start – green flag starts the race and once that happened the #38 car did not advance

@jeff_gluck: Never heard that rule before. I always heard the No. 2 starter could not beat the No. 1 starter to the line.

@jim_utter: Patrick was complaining about the driver and not able to pass him, then just flat out wrecked him #NASCAR

@jeff_gluck: Tony Eury Jr.: “We’re putting (the car) on the truck. When we do stupid stuff like that, we don’t go back out.” #NASCAR

@SamanthaBusch: My motivational speech to the crew after that stop, “u all were (bleeping) fast, damn proud of u all. Let’s kiss some bricks!!!!!”

@NASCAR_Realtime: Hell of a save by Kyle Busch there. Like him or not the guy knows how to drive out of a spin. #Nascar

@SamanthaBusch: Great save by Kyle no damage but handling off. Words don’t explain how heartbreaking that was just want kb 2 win 1 so bad for kbm

@jeff_gluck: BLACK FLAG for Elliott Sadler due to jumping the restart!

@jeff_gluck: What is going on??? How was that different than Kasey Kahne/Kyle Busch start???

@jeff_gluck: Sadler is protesting because he says Austin Dillon had him “jacked up” and was pushing him.

@KevinHarvick: Holy cow there is a riot in bus 29 that is not right… after the call at the beginning of the race… #reallyconfused

@NASCAR_Realtime: There is no way that #Nascar can hold their heads up with an OUNCE of integrity following this race. They should be FINED! #Nascar

@jeff_gluck: Either the call at the start of the race was wrong or the Sadler call was wrong. Pick one.

@nateryan: Will be interesting to hear Brad Keselowski’s take on that … he openly has talked about the gamesmanship on restarts in the past. #nascar

@NASCAR_Realtime: So at Homestead if the guy ur behind in pts restarts in front of u. Just push him 2 the line ahead of leader. He’ll b black flagged. #Nascar

@DeLanaHarvick: I’m totally confused….how was that any different than what happened at the start of the race? Anyone?

@JimmieJohnson: I feel for @Elliott_Sadler… What was he suppose to do with another car pushing him.

@jeff_gluck: Richard Childress to Sadler: “I’m gonna go to that trailer with you. That’s bullshit!”

@jeff_gluck: Media waiting for explanation from NASCAR. https://twitter.com/jeff_gluck/status/229350839783915520/photo/1

@nascarcasm: As Brad Keselowski kisses the bricks, Elliott Sadler politely invites #NASCAR to kiss something else. #superweekend #smgarage

@keselowsk: I love these bricks! #nascar https://twitter.com/keselowski/status/229352047433117696/photo/1

@keselowski: Photo time! #nascar Did I mention I love vl? And these guys @penskeracing https://twitter.com/keselowski/status/229355594589536257/photo/1

@jeff_gluck: Sadler says NASCAR just told him he did NOT jump the start…. ?

@CandiceSpencer: http://lockerz.com/s/229144359 ‘@Elliott_Sadler talked to #NASCAR’s Robin Pemberton who said #2 didn’t jump the restart after reviewing video

@CandiceSpencer: ‘@Elliott_Sadler says “my heart was ripped out of my chest & I don’t know why #nascar RC says “sad to lose a race under these conditions”

@jeff_gluck: Basically Sadler said NASCAR told him he didn’t do anything wrong. But we haven’t heard from NASCAR yet.

@TimCindric: Doesn’t get much better!! https://twitter.com/TimCindric/status/229357970750857217/photo/1

@jeff_gluck: NASCAR still inside hauler. Media still outside waiting to hear their side. All RCR personnel have left.

@CandiceSpencer: http://lockerz.com/s/229146860 #NASCAR’s Robin Pemberton says @Elliott_Sadler didnt jump restart but 2 needed to give position back to leader

@bobpockrass: Pemberton said they felt 22 spinning tires didn’t contribute enough to Sadler beating him to the line to waive penalty. #nascar

@31n2Spotter: So we officially didn’t jump it but we don’t start actually racing until we get to start/finish? Now I’m confused. Just go at start line

@Elliott_Sadler: After meeting with NASCAR.. They said I DIDNT JUMP START but seems to be my fault the 22 spun his tires… I’m devastated…….

@Kenny_Wallace: I thought I had DRAMA last week after being told NO “Dash 4 Cash” for ME on a technicality, I feel “Horrible” for @Elliott_Sadler

@keselowski: I see now why all these fans are upset over @Elliott_Sadler penalty, Espn group did not properly explain the situation. #OhWell

@AllWaltrip: ok, here’s my opinion on the restart rule, it’s too complicated, the flag, a line on the wall, the restart box, kiss rule, go on the flag!

@mattkenseth: Katie K RT @HamlinFan_11: @mattkenseth What’s your favorite animal???

@TJmajors: Just one of them judgement calls. I feel like the 2 woulda cleared the 22 anyway and that’s somewhat unfair. It’s their court.

@JimmieJohnson: Thanks @IMS. The cannon went off at 6 am followed by live music and helicopters flying above. Do you realize it’s 6 AM and no one is here!!

@RChildress3 (Richard Childress): @Elliott_Sadler did every thing right , we are all very disappointed with @NASCAR call !! @tydillon @austindillon3 great runs @ Indy !

@JimmieJohnson: How about just opening the gate? @bawilliamson_: The @IMS cannon is a tradition signaling that gates are now open for the public to come in.

@RB_Mrs (Nicole Briscoe): Our set for Countdown. The not-so-#pitstudio http://instagram.com/p/Nqpg9tCZql/

@RB_Mrs: My view from our set. #pitstudio Indy just never gets old ☺ http://instagram.com/p/NqvXH4iZtc/

@DNewtonESPN: #nascar tells drivers everyone plays important part in restarts. Simple process. No brakechecks by leader or fool around to gain advantage.

@jeff_gluck: Jimmie asked what happens if he was 2nd and got pushed past the leader. NASCAR says “I can’t give you a definitive way to do this.”

@nateryan: Jimmie Johnson: What happens when front-row car gets pushed (like Elliott Sadler)? Hoots: 1) hope it doesn’t happen; 2) drag brakes. #nascar

@jeff_gluck: Jimmie asks why not just throw a caution for a bad restart. Hoots stepped aside and Helton took the mic. Helton now lecturing as well.

@bobpockrass: Helton said they could go after driver (with a penalty) who does pushing.

@jim_utter: Only in #NASCAR could “don’t beat the leader to the line” turn into 50 shades of gray

@bobpockrass: Roger Penske says he will sit down with AJ this week to discuss future. Said employees in company have been released but AJ a contractor.

@Elliott_Sadler: I love the camera shot from roof of 22.. Hear him going, spinning tires, then shows me being pushed by him… Great angle

@Elliott_Sadler: One small question.. Does racing start when leader goes on restarts???? Or does racing start at start finish line???

@KristineC48: Cute Evie is asleep on dad’s shoulder. However, I think she may be rudely awoken soon. https://twitter.com/KristineC48/status/229624542560145409/photo/1

@MonteDutton: One day we will see a #NASCAR driver dive back into a burning car to retrieve his most important ally: his sponsor’s cap.

@kaseykahne: Congrats Mr H and @JimmieJohnson 48 was Rollin today. Nice work to everyone involved!

@jeff_gluck: Did you know? ESPN showed the final 23 min. of the race without a commercial plus 8 min. of post-race interviews. 31 ad-free min. Nice.

@jim_utter: BREAKING: Genevieve Johnson confirms her dad, @jimmiejohnson, won today’s #NASCAR race. Good enough for me !

@keselowski: disappointed with 9th today, thought we could win R. Penske’s first #nascar cup race @IMS but it didn’t play out. I made 2 many mistakes…

@chandrajanway (Chandra Johnson): So happy for my Hubbs @JimmieJohnson on his 4th Brickyard win! I am so glad our daughter got to kiss the bricks too! https://twitter.com/chandrajanway/status/229719109481402370/photo/1

@JimmieJohnson: Yes!!! @ The Brickyard http://instagram.com/p/Nr3f-tkpc8/

@55MarkMartin: It’s a nice day in Michigan today. We are going to be testing here at MIS for the day along with about 28 other teams.

@bobpockrass: Why isn’t Dale Jr testing at Michigan? Letarte: “I’ve never seen a Monday test be very beneficial for me or my team,” #nascar

@kaseykahne: Testing in Michigan today. Track and tire seem very similar so far to when we raced here a month ago. These cup crews work hard!

@ClintBowyer: Unbelievable these grip the way they do. Tire has over 10 laps on it and is polished smooth like its never been on!!! https://twitter.com/ClintBowyer/status/229956070980845571/photo/1

@landoncassill: Sitting on pit road and @keselowski gives me a little push. Easy man I gotta race this car this week https://twitter.com/landoncassill/status/230014688124088320/photo/1

@DeLanaHarvick: Hours & hours of being outside seems to make keelan a happy boy. Thinking of buying a tent & letting him sleep outside! http://img.ly/lqpV

@MJ_Johnson (Michael Johnson): Well that concludes the Michigan tire test. I’m not sure what we confirmed other than testing is painfully boring and I don’t care for it.

@Justin_Fiedler: So, I posted this photo on Sunday of our pit stall. Did anyone spot the problem with it? http://pic.twitter.com/x1TuC1sX #nascar@MarcosAmbrose

@DeLanaHarvick: So funny that a 3 wk old can wear bebe out! Everytime Keelan moves, cries or makes a peep Bebe comes running. #assedout http://img.ly/lqXu

@HermieSadler: So at the Olympics, the realized a mistake was made and they reversed a decision? What a novel concept. Lol.

@Kenny_Wallace: Roger Penske told me last week to “Stand By” I am ready :) …….RT”@josht56: What races are you running the 22?”

@DeLanaHarvick: ❤ @KevinHarvick… He took the early morning Keelan shift so I could sleep in! #gooddad #goodhubby

@DeLanaHarvick: I think @KevinHarvick has a future as tv commentator. He just gave detailed play-by-play of Keelan’s diaper change as I was getting ready!

@jeff_gluck: Somebody drug-test me. I just hallucinated and thought I saw John Wes Townley is making Sprint Cup Series debut at Pocono. #WTF #WTF #WTF

@Amanda_Speed: Shooting for @speed RACE HUB at the hacienda today. :) http://lockerz.com/s/229919078

@Patricia_AFF: #kurtbusch throws his guys @PhoenixRacing51 a pizza party for the win #daytona. Great pumpkin in the background https://twitter.com/Patricia_AFF/status/230341013842055168/photo/1

@nascarcasm: John Wes Townley will be making Sprint Cup debut this weekend. In related news, every active driver has announced they retired last weekend.

@Elliott_Sadler: Had a great victory lunch today at RCR for our Chicagoland win…I love the passion of our race team…

@AllWaltrip: I can’t for the life of me see why all everyone talks about is the restart at Indy on Saturday, what about the start, it was just as bad!

@keselowski: Ha, If you listen to sports radio or read blogs/twitter you’d swear I’m the worst driver to ever have 27 #nascar wins! #MakesMeLaugh

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