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Tweet ‘n’ Greet – 4/17/2012

@KevinHarvick: Note to self: greeting your pregnant wife with a belly bump is frowned upon.
@RCR31JeffBurton: Spent the morning running the late model at motor mile speedway,very nice facility. Ran there about 20 yrs ago. Won Busch race,then got DQed
@31n2Spotter: Woke up at 5:45am. Pulled up NASCAR schedules for upcoming races. Two additional days in Pocono to test new track surface.#RUFKM
@TJmajors: 31n2Spotter I seen that. Sounds fun huh?
@31n2Spotter: @Tjmajors about as much fun as having as tying battery cables to your nipples
@MartySmithESPN: I don’t see the point. RT @Buccigross: Swimmer Amanda Beard slams ex-boyfriend Carl Edwards in her memoir.
@JennaFryer: @MartySmithESPN Yes you do: To sell books.
@ClintBowyer: Headed to Spokane WA today for a Sherwin Williams event with@gbiffle. Been working on a project with them, think you’ll like it.
@KevinHarvick: Glad it’s not me… http://t.co/PsOBIQsq
@Mc_Driver: Our little McBaby is doing well! All arms, legs, hands and feet are accounted for. http://t.co/cnVUUeZk
@JimmieJohnson: The worst part of the trip… #leaving http://t.co/IWo1CEcr
@keselowski: Spent some time over at CNN today Rode the worlds largest escalator —> http://t.co/2RgrpfAl
@jim_utter: Work already underway at Bristol => http://yfrog.com/o0ybrqxj#NASCAR
@ClintBowyer: Think it snows a lot in WA? http://t.co/kVWkj48n
@31n2Spotter: I can promise you every racer at heart misses going to Rockingham! I’m happy to be going back on Sunday! #nascar
@KevinHarvick: Headed to play some basketball! only guy not showing up is@austindillon3 because he gets too sore… Really???

@austindillon3: Wow I’m on the way @KevinHarvick we’re def not on the same team today and I’m calling my shot my team will win

@KevinHarvick: @austindillon3 ok good I can take this box of tampons back that I bought for you!!!

@Mother_Function: You’re “cramping” his style! RT @KevinHarvick: @austindillon3 ok good I can take this box of tampons back that I bought for you!!!

@RyanMcGeeESPN: My wife says she rode an elevator with @chocolatemyers3 at@NASCARHall today. That was one high class elevator.

@KyleBusch: Hey @TXMotorSpeedway @eddiegossage, when is curfew? U think us drivers can get some sleep and shut that loud music off?

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): What a day for the @BrandtRacing @TeamChevy car. We were fast on the long runs but needed some short run speed and track position.On to RIR

@J_Allgaier: We will take a solid top10 and move forward.Cool to see all 3 @TurnerMotorspts Chevys in the top 10.Great job @kaseykahne and@stevearpin

@StenhouseJr (Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.): What a great weekend here @TXMotorSpeedway blessed to b in this situation with great ppl around! having fun! #NoLimits #NASCAR#RFR25

@bscottracing (Brian Scott): Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts. Been a rough start to the season so far. All we can do is keep digging with this @DGRacingteam.

@jeff_gluck: Extremely windy out here in Texas today. Strong enough to blow some of the smaller spotters off the roof, maybe.

@TravisPastrana: The hotel room care package for being Grand Marshall is pretty nice #SamsungMobile500 #NoLimits

@JimmieJohnson: I had to honk and give you a thumbs up for flying the 48 flag. ā€œ@Brian7Cruz: @JimmieJohnson DUUUUUDE!!!! http://instagr.am/p/JaMBoWFntP/ā€

@Ryan_Truex: Idk what everyone’s so angry about, I never said anything about Kenny or his talent, just saying I didn’t have daddy buy my ride

@Ryan_Truex: Unfortunately people feel they need to make threats or tell me how much I suck, but it’s ok because you just make me more determined

@KristineC48 (Kristine Curley): A little boy asks JJ: How many trophies do you have? JJ: Not enough.

@DanicaPatrick: I am so proud of my marathon sleeps, 1245am (flew home last night) to 1120am. All my fine lines just disappeared! #30

@ClintBowyer: Man, it seems like this day is taking for ever. Let’s RACE already!!!!

@ClintBowyer: Fellow Midwesterners… Keep a good eye on the weather. Looking pretty wild on the ole Radar!

@DeLanaHarvick: man, the wind is blowing so hard that the bus is rocking! wonder how fun that’ll feel in the cars tonight? #nothanks

@jeff_gluck: With all the wind, this isn’t going to end well…http://instagr.am/p/JanL5htXgD/

@jeff_gluck: This kid is at a SERIOUS disadvantage. This won’t end well, either. http://instagr.am/p/JanL5htXgD/

@Elliott_Sadler: Thank you to @kevinharvick and @delanaharvick for letting me be apart of the championship effort http://pic.twitter.com/sA0dbupk

@keselowski: Getting ready to go racing here @TXMotorSpeedway We start 8th, wind is gonna be crazzzzzzyyy

@TheMiniChad: That laughter you hear? That’s the #IndyCar crew laughing when people say THEIR racing is a snooze.

@Mother_Function: @kevinharvick had been complaining about something on his grill. Pulls into garage after race and it was a $100 bill #dollamakeyaholla

@jeff_gluck: Saw some dumbass almost get run over by Tony Stewart in the garage. I think Stewart even made contact w/ him and the guy was still clueless.

@KevinHarvick: Ok night… Best part of was when I pulled in there was $100 bill stuck on my grill!

@KevinHarvick: Car chief put it in his pocket! RT @14BarbNASCAR39 @KevinHarvickAnyone get a picture of it and what happened to the $$?

@kaseykahne: Had a great night of racing. Ended up 7th. We fought hard as a team. Thanks guys! Now off to the ROCK. Praying for everyone in Wichita KS

@David_Ragan: And I don’t care if I don’t feel another wind gust for a month. Tired of the dang wind. #windy

@ClintBowyer: Hope everyone is ok in Wichita, looks like its headed right for Emporia next. Keep an eye out y’all… Hammering the Midwest tonight, damn!

@JimmieJohnson: A solid night for the 48. My guys brought me a killer car and bad fast pit stops. We are so close to catching fire. #6Pack

@TheOrangeCone: Got $100 to kiss one of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Now i cant find it. Anyone have any ideas?

@Mc_Driver: Sitting in the exit row across from @BlakeKochRacing I asked flight attendant if he weighed enough to operate the emergency door#littleguy

@nascarcasm: If the $100 bill stuck on @KevinHarvick’s grill had wound up on a start-and-park’s grill, could they have run a couple more laps?#NASCAR

@Samantha_Busch: That was a bumpy flight over to Houston. Glad I could at least be entertainment 4 @KyleBusch who gets a kick out of my flying meltdowns!

@joeylogano: I’m still looking for a caution flag from yesterday’s race. Has anyone seen one yet

@jeff_gluck: It blew away. RT @joeylogano: I’m still looking for a caution flag from yesterday’s race. Has anyone seen one yet

@gbiffle (Greg Biffle): Sorry everyone just got my twitter working again had to delete and reload it was bound up!!! Thanks for all the support over the last 49

@gbiffle: What a great job by my team to build me cars, make great pit stops and good calls by first time winning crew chief @mpuccia16 !!!!!

@aric_almirola: Good way to let yesterday go.

@nateryan: Great to see strong fan turnout & industry enthusiasm for the return to Rockingham today. A very good day for #nascar and the truck series.

@Elliott_Sadler: Very jealous watching truck race on @SPEED .. Love how fall off creates different grooves that creates great racing.. #wanttoberacing

@jim_utter: Sign in front of church on US 1 today: “Pre-race service at 8:45 a.m. and then to the track”

@dennyhamlin: Come on @mw55. You wouldn’t race a truck that I built? I promise the spoiler will at least stay attached #daytonawinner

@joeylogano: Watching from the starting line earlier http://t.co/qtSfmosI

@Matt_Crafton: I sure hope we come back RT @Andy__Rock: Thanks to everyone that believed in @RockinghamSpeed Let the good times roll. #filltherockpart2 :)

@JimmieJohnson: I’m glad that black cloud stopped following you @kaseykahne, awesome weekend of racing.

@2Spotter (Joey Meier): There are. Mostly Moms or Wives. All are welcome. RT @Only1Rooh: are there any female spotters? If no Why not? Just curious#birdseyeview

@nascarcasm: Sometimes you see John Force interviewed, and you swear it’s Gary Busey in a Castrol firesuit. #nhra

@ClintBowyer: Soooo! This is what it feels like to sit around on a Sunday and be a Motorsports fan? Pretty cool…

@ClintBowyer: t’s probably a good thing this doesn’t happen often for me, I’d own stock in Kroger and Budweiser! Horsepower Sunday hard on a guy.

@NelsonPiquet: Getting Kansas truck ready! Gonna be even quicker then the Rockingham truck! http://t.co/byDJzE1c

@KevinHarvick: in my closet to pack some clothes for white house visit tomorrow & I thought to myself: I wonder if shorts t shirt and flip flops will work?

@pkligerman (Parker Kligerman): Just passed the Daytona 500 Camry pace car…. What is going on fellow #Nascar friend?

@Andy__Rock: Time to call it a day :) Still riding in the clouds. Lol. Gotta think of how to get more trash bags in morning

@AJDinger (AJ Allmendinger): Just landed in Dover. Looking forward to a two day tire test. Good chance to try some different things and keep learning.

@JimmieJohnson: Who ever thinks I had a problem with @RyanNewman39 in Martinsville is an idiot…

@ClintBowyer: The worst part about having a good night… Waking up the next day and seeing that @55MarkMartin was in the gym 2 hrs after u went to bed.

@bobpockrass: USA show “Burn Notice” taped an episode Monday at the track. Will air this summer. #nascar

@keselowski: On our way to see the POTUS with the NASCAR team today.

@JimmieJohnson: Can someone please teach this man how to tie a tie. #FunnyStuff

@KevinHarvick: Had a good morning of testing and now we are headed to the White House for the afternoon.

@JimmieJohnson: @keselowski: Thanks for bringing the chocolate shakes.

@keselowski: @JimmieJohnson no problem. Between the three of us, there were 5 NASCAR sprint cup championships on that plane… #ShakeWorthy

@DNewtonESPN: My memory of last year’s #NASCAR White House trip was @Jeff_Gluck did interviews in forbidden area and cab driver charged my AMEX $12,241..

@keselowski: Getting closer to the whitehouse http://t.co/27lfbiTW

@keselowski: East wing. Whitehouse #nascar http://t.co/CwATTCPg

@keselowski: Setting up for the ceremony. #NASCAR http://t.co/0wgEukW4

@Samantha_Busch: Fun fact! Each room in the @whitehouse has fresh cut flowers in it. Beautiful! http://t.co/E9hr6CxH

@jeff_gluck: Ha! President Obama just asked Tony Stewart for tips on how to handle the media. That’s great.

@JimmieJohnson: What an honor and congrats again Smoke http://t.co/dlAz4oG5

@KurtBusch: The Busch’s at the White House. @Samantha_Busch @KyleBusch @Patricia_AFF http://t.co/4zRfYmkn

@KevinHarvick: Only original painting left from the original White House before it burned down! http://t.co/0Bjq4M2M

@KevinHarvick: You probably remember many of the Presidents speeches from here! http://t.co/2t8EOfIX

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