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Top 10 Wishes For the 2012 NASCAR Season

Everyone wishes they could see more of Brian France this season…NOT!

*10.* Less Danica already!

*9.* Good odds from my bookie as to whether a Busch brother will make a complete ass of themselves sometime during the year.

*8.* Brian France to reassure us as many times as possible during the year of just how good of shape the sport is in because he is so eloquent and such a pleasure to listen to.

*7.* Brian France to tell us fans what we want because surely, we’re too dumb to know ourselves.

*6.* A championship that does not end in a tie.

*5.* A year without anyone associated with the sport to crash an airplane or hire pilots prone to do so.

*4.* A dramatic rise in hard core fans displaying a Confederate flag in some fashion just to piss NASCAR off!

*3.* To finally hear the end of the Jeremy Mayfield saga. (Give it up, dude. Any supporters you once had are long gone now!)

*2.* Finally, the end of bogus ‘tandem racing’?

*1.* For the directors of Fox Sports to pattern the audio portion of their broadcasts after the movie ‘The Artist’! (All of the networks for that matter!)

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