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@CJMearsGang (Casey Mears): Happy Thankswigging!!!!! pic.twitter.com/1PQpEbN6

@joshahamilton (Josh Hamilton): Disappointed by the disrespect some fans are showing right now. Do you REALLY think the First Lady hates America?? #thinkbeforeyoutweet

@jeff_gluck: Tony Stewart still talking trash, tells team: “(Edwards and team) are going to feel like sh*t after we kick their ass after this!”

@Kenny_Wallace: Hey Carl Edwards You were 1st in Practice and 1st in Qualifying and you have led 100 Laps.. “Are you nervous”…ha ha ha!.. Are you serious?

@eddiegossage: Rain delays are going to hurt TV ratings. That’s a shame. This race has the potential to be a classic. That would be good for the sport.

@DeLanaHarvick: It’s a race isn’t it? RT @DNewtonespn: 99 team asks NASCAR to talk to @KevinHarvick car, says he’s basically all over him. #nascar

@DeLanaHarvick: The only outcome we want to affect is to put the 29 in victory lane…period

@DeLanaHarvick: Holy hell Stewart is on a mission!!! This is awesome to watch

@jeff_gluck: I would say so far this race has actually exceeded the hype, if that’s even possible. Agree or not?

@eddiegossage: For that matter Carl & Tony have made this Chase a classic. The last 3-4 races have been Ali-Frazier. Nicklaus-Palmer. Magic-Bird. Wow!

@AndyLally: Boy this would suck if it came down to fuel mileage.

@DeLanaHarvick: And Stewart is out of fuel…

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): That whole scenario made me nervous.

@mw55: This is as good as the 1992 Hooters 500. Which reminds me, I like Hooters. Please stop raining.

@Just_AP (Ashley Parlett): If you aren’t watching this race right now just go ahead and climb back under your rock. It’s nice and boring under there.

@Just_AP: This is hands down the most intense Nascar race I have ever witnessed. My stomach is in knots.

@Elliott_Sadler: If you are a race fan…. You got to love what’s happening at homestead… Winner take all…. On probably the best mile and half we race at

@DeLanaHarvick: Unfriggin believable!!!! I can’t hardly sit still, this is awesome…. Come on Stewart!!! 25 to go

@maxpapis: # history making @NASCAR

@RamseyPoston: No matter what happens now, this is the best, most meaningful race in #NASCAR history

@KrissieNewman: Holy crap…history has been made today. Stewart wins after all day set backs, ties for the championship and wins it on wins alone!!!!

@eddiegossage Congrats Tony! Give credit to Carl too. Both were truly fabulous throughout the last 3-4 races. Great Chase! Never seen anything like this!

@MrsCrewChief (Dana Wilson): Clint Bowyer: “Who won the championship?” @KevinHamlin “Tony” CB: No #^$&#@ing way”..KH: He won the race. “No way.”

@eddiegossage: Okay fans, you wanted wins to count for more. That alone determined the championship. #winscount

@aric_almirola: Holy Freaking Crap. I don’t care if you’re a fan of his or not but you gotta give huge props to Tony Stewart. He is the man no doubt

@Kenny_Wallace: Will we gain New Fans for next year because @Nascar was a great show this year?..

@eddiegossage: Tony’s championship helps put spotlight on amazing accomplishment of Alan Kulwicki. Many fans don’t know him. I really miss Alan.

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): Two things: mike bliss is an idiot for not pulling over at the end. And best of luck to all the crew guys on teams closing their doors.

@JimmieJohnson: Not the way we wanted to finish up the season but that’s racing. Thank you everyone for your support and we will be back next year

@JimmieJohnson: What a night between the 99&14… Congrats to Tony and the team. I didn’t think the driver/owner combo was possible in today’s world.

@Kenny_Wallace: WOW!.. Darian Grubb just said on @SPEED that decision was made at start of chase for him to be replaced next year!

@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): <--- biting my tongue @jeff_gluck: Seriously, though, could you have a classier runner-up in any sport? I've never covered one if there is.” @keselowski: Imo Class is in action, not words... @msgmart @jeff_gluck seriously brad? u just showed your LACK OF CLASS by saying that.” @keselowski: 1 final word before signing off twitter. Any driver who wins 1/2 the races in the chase deserves the championship in my mind. Congrats tony @KyleBusch: Wow!! What a drive by Tony Stewart! He is the man to drive and win his way to a championship. That's a great way to do it. Congrats SHR. @KevinHarvick: I'm trying to get even for the damn wedgie I get every week...son of a gun is sneaky t.co/k5595SCW” @nascarcasm: By finishing outside of the Top 10 in the Chase, Kurt Busch will not be onstage at the banquet. Go ahead and tear that speech in two, dude. @jaywpennell (Jay W. Pennell): According to #NASCAR Tony Stewart passed 118 cars in tonight's race. @jaywpennell: First time in #NASCAR history that there was a tie in points, also the first time driver has come from behind & won race to win points. @jaywpennell: Must note, that is the first time since the modern point system was implemented in 1975 #NASCAR @DeLanaHarvick: @KevinHarvick and I are sitting at the head table for the last time tonight as champion owners... So proud of all khi has accomplished! @Rchildress3 (Richard Childress): At NCWTS In Miami ! @austindillon3 just won most popular driver of the year , great award voted by the fans !! @mini_chad: This is why we didn't get a Kurt Busch interview yesterday. Kudos to Dr. Punch for walking away. t.co/9X8rNB01 @paultracy3 (Paul Tracy): Check this video out -- Kurt Busch Rages During Interviewyoutube.com/watch?v=NsaBQq… via @youtube why !!!!!! @JennaFryer: @paultracy3 serious question: what's it take for Penske to say enough? @paultracy3: @JennaFryer i have no idea why RP puts up with that . he must not have the final say or he has gone soft ..... @LewisFranck (Lewis Franck, ESPN) @paultracy3 You are the authority on your former boss' limits. @paultracy3: @LewisFranck u were around in those days, I got the can for mouthing off 1 time about the car. but he put up with the JR, taxes, and kubu saga @JennaFryer: #NASCAR calls KuBu's language in YouTube video "disappointing" but noted he was "clearly frustrated" with having early car issues @SBPopOffValve: It's official: calling the media "motherf^&%ers" is A-OK, but saying that NASCAR is still 35 years behind technologically is Original Sin. @jeff_gluck: Wow. Statement from Penske: "Penske Racing extends its apologies to Dr. Jerry Punch, our media partners and our sponsors and fans for Kurt Busch's inappropriate actions in Homestead on Sunday. These actions do not represent Penske Racing and are inconsistent with the company's standards for behavior, respect for others and professionalism. This matter is being reviewed internally with no further comment at this time." @MattTaliaferro: David Reutimann had an even worse end to the year, yet he handled himself with class. Just sayin'. #NASCAR @skiprec (Ray Evernham): Kurt is a great driver but needs to get help. Jerry Punch is one of the finest people I know. JP deserves a lot more respect than that. @skiprec: It was not ok period whether KB is high strung or not. You just don't do that, JP is no slouch, KB is lucky he didn’t get decked @MattYocum: Poor Tom Roberts...the greatest guy...legend PR man, no one better....and his rough season continues into the off season. Not right. @AndyHallESPN: Finale at Homestead earns #ESPN its largest #NASCAR viewership ever - 6.7 million avg and peak of 10.5 mill @AndyHallESPN: #NASCAR Homestead rating and viewership also higher than ABC telecast of 2009 finale #ESPN @tomjensen100: A reminder: On Black Monday in 2008, more than 1,000 NASCAR jobs were lost. This year is bad, but not nearly as bad.

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