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@keselowski (Brad Keselowski): Warning- after todays media session, A barrage of fuel related tweets forthcoming… Then I’m calling it a night

@keselowski NASCAR made a good call with the new Ethanol fuel. Probably one of the most under reported stories of the year. #lessEmissions #nofailures

@keselowski: One of the biggest reasons for ethanol being a success was that it cost the teams very little money and was a true gain for the environment.

@keselowski: EFI is Nascar’s next attempt at furthering the green process. Except it is a much more complicated switchover that will a lot of $

@keselowski: As u can tell I’m not a fan of it. It costs the teams $, does very little 4 the environment etc.

@mw55 (Michael Waltrip): @keselowski but it makes our cars more relevant to the fans. Which is important. I applaud NASCAR for EFI.

@keselowski: 35 year old technology? @mw55 it makes our cars more relevant to the fans. Which is important. I applaud NASCAR for EFI.”

@mw55: As opposed to… RT @keselowski: 35 year old technology? @mw55 it makes our cars more relevant to the fans. I applaud NASCAR for EFI.”

@keselowski: @mw55 I mean yes, I suppose 35 year old tech vs 55 year old is relevant, but at what costs?

@keselowski: Just catching up on the Penn State scandal. My jaw is still on the floor.#Whoa #ThatsReallyBad

@31n2Spotter (Brett Griffin): This Penn State thing is AWFUL! I know other crimes can be more brutal but nothing is sicker than sexually abusing children! #deathpenalty

@Rocky_Ryan (RFR Spotter): 40% chance of rain in PHOENIX on Saturday and Sunday??? Really? Really? #smh

@BrianKez29 (Brian Keselowski): Just heard that we will be going to homestead for the cup race with our #92. Very excited to get back to the track again.

@MikeCalinoff: For those asking, I like Kyle Busch and I think he’s an amazing talent. I hope that the sanctions imposed will serve as a wake-up call.

@AndyLally: Im actually afraid to weigh in on my KyBu thoughts. #IDontShareInThePopularOpinion

@AndyLally: A lot of the same people that buy M&Ms, buy Red Bull. You didn’t hear a peep from that company about possibly asking their driver be pulled.

@AndyLally: They are both in racing for the same reason #$$$ RT@beachdreaming98 Red Bull has a different company image then M&M. M&M a family company

@AndyLally: ok ok ok..so Red Bull wasnt the best example since they own the team…But none of Carl’s 59 sponsors pulled out either after Atlanta.

@AndyLally: Still not getting real deep into the Kyle/Ron incident except that I see and understand why Kyle did what he did. #PayItBackHarder

@AndyLally: …and by the way, just being completely objective. I like and respect both drivers.

@JennaFryer: Parking dropped Kyle from 7th to 11th in points. Difference between 7th and 11th in last year’s monetary awards: $393,382

@NASCARBowles (Tom Bowles): Stat of night: the last time @JoeGibbsRacing did not put a driver inside the top 10 in points was 1997. Streak could end this year. #NASCAR

@keselowski: My bad with the 11 accident. Feel bad for ruining his day… We lost the handle midway thru the race & I overdrove trying to make up for it

@dennyhamlin: @keselowski all good in the hood.. i was running like crap anyway

@keselowski: Thanks bro, I Still feel bad about it… @dennyhamlin all good in the hood.. i was running like crap anyway”

@JennaFryer: Who saw this coming 2 years ago? RT @dennyhamlin:@keselowski all good in the hood.. i was running like crap anyway

@Rchildress3 (Richard Childress): 31 leading ran out of gas , 2 tires didn’t work on 29 , 33 +27 ran good . Got 2 have more speed !! All cars ok not good enough ! Disappointed

@JimmieJohnson: Not the day we needed at track… I am really proud of smoke and that team.

@Mc_Driver (Michael McDowell): Sorry McFans not what we all hoped for. Still thankful for the@JoeGibbsRacing oppurtunity!

@kaseykahne: So close again! @RedBullNASCAR is on it. Thanks everyone

@MartinTruexJr56: Good hard fought p8 , great job @MWRteam @napaknowhow guys. 3 top 10s in a row. making progress. Can’t wait for PIR had a great test there!

@jjyeley1: Tony did what he needed today! The Roush cars are always very tough when they come to Texas!!

@J_Allgaier (Justin Allgaier): So awesome to see Tony and Carl race for the win like that. 4 wins in the Chase Should just give you an automatic win for the championship

@KevinHarvick: Gambled with 2 tires and it didn’t work out…we all didn’t think it would be that bad.

@JLogano (Joey Logano): Another tough day here. Off to Vegas now for a tire test hopefully we can find something that works for the last 2 races

@BrianLVickers: Despite what I heard TV said I did not hit the 36. I hate that he spun but I never got closer than a couple feet.

@NASCARBowles: Also real nice to see title contenders 1-2 (Stewart, then Edwards) trying to settle things the way they should be. #NASCAR

@NASCARBowles: Stewart’s 4 wins have tied the record for wins in the Chase (Jimmie Johnson, twice). And there’s still two to go. #NASCAR

@NASCARBowles: Compare that to Edwards, winless in Chase trying to capture title. Last champion to go winless in Chase? How about Stewart, 2005. #NASCAR

@jaywpennell: Matt Kenseth has to be wondering about what his Chase situation would be if he hadn’t been involved in that battle with Vickers. #NASCAR

@jaywpennell: Not sure what it says about sport, but at a restaurant & was like pulling teeth to get #NASCAR race turned on. Once on shuffled to other tvs

@RobbyBenton: …helped get our Texas primary car back home. 1100 miles. Reminds me how hard our transporter drivers work & how much I appreciate mine!

@Elliott_Sadler: My life just changed forever….. Austyn Rose Sadler born at 11:42 am!!!! Holla

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