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Scanner Static: No Denying Jimmie Johnson Now

Q: When are you media types going to give Jimmie Johnson his due? He’s raced a great Chase, and he’ll be the next Nextel Cup champion after Sunday. I can’t get over the hatred for what he does and who he is. Oh wait, I get it – he’s Jeff Gordon‘s buddy. No wonder you hate his guts. – Cassie 48

A: I don’t “hate” him or anyone out there, but I’ll reiterate what I said at the very beginning of this thing: Because of Johnson’s previous late-season fades, he’ll have to prove to me he can do it before I’ll ever pick him to do it. It certainly looks like he’s on the cusp of winning the Cup, but things can change quickly in NASCAR. If he takes the title Sunday, I’ll congratulate him.

Q: The best thing about the Homestead race is Johnson is going to win the Nextel Cup. The second-best thing is it’s going to [expletive] off all the Earnhardt fans. Love it!Greg Calhoun

A: It’s good to see things haven’t changed much in NASCAR recently.

Q: (from Texas): What did Scott Riggs expect to happen? In the waning laps of a race, when another car is considerably faster than your car because of tires, and you slam the door on them and block them the way Riggs did to Kevin Harvick in [turn] 3, what do you think is going to happen when the cars get to [turn] 4?

I know a lot of people are saying that Harvick should have shown more patience; however, Harvick’s patience would have been a moot point had Riggs just got out of his way. Somebody on Riggs’s team had to realize that Harvick was considerably faster and was going to have one heck of a run on. All it would have taken was someone to say on the radio, “The No. 29 car is coming real fast. Let ’em go. We’re still working on a top-five finish.”Rick Bourdon

A: The way I saw it, Riggs got loose and was trying to collect himself going into those two turns. There were cars high and low, so he was going to wind up blocking someone, somewhere, no matter what he did. He just had the unfortunate luck to collect himself on the bottom in front of a guy who knows very little give and a whole lot of take.

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Q: Harvick admitted he did hit Riggs, after Riggs got loose and Harvick could not back off in time. I, like Nikki, knew something was going to happen when Johnson got around Riggs. It may have been “go time,” but it seemed to me that Harvick could have waited until he got to the straightaway to make a move, or could have waited until the next corner to get under Riggs and force him wide.

As far as what DeLana may have said: No woman should ever be hit/shoved by a guy (unless he is trying to prevent her from driving an ice pick through his eye). That being said, where I grew up there was a code that the man was responsible for what came out of the mouth of his companion.Jerome

A: If that’s the case, Kevin may want to invest in alum stocks before next season and slip some into DeLana’s coffee before every race, like the old Sylvester and Tweety cartoons.

Q: Don’t you people realize that most important story is that Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a cold?MRhodes

A: Now that’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

Q: Do you think Juan Pablo Montoya is going to take well to NASCAR? How do you think he’ll fit in? I think it’s going to be bumpy for him, what do you think?Mastrack

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A: I think Montoya is going to be fine, at least until he cuts Ward Burton off and Ward pulls up beside him and yells at him, “I swayuh, yawr drivin’ ain’t wurf a dayum. What sod of the roawd you used to drawvin’ on where you wuhrer befawuh?” I can’t wait to hear the ensuing conversation with his spotter.

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