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Scanner Static: Did Kevin Harvick Deserve a Pat on or a Shove in the Back?

Q: Why does everyone talk about Robby Gordon being a bad driver or Jimmie Johnson being dangerous when Kevin Harvick still has a ride? He ran over, just simply ran over Scott Riggs. I can understand why Riggs’s crew member got upset; I would have knocked the (expletive) out of Harvick as soon as he popped back up from falling. Why won’t NASCAR punish Harvick? Is it because he drives Dale Earnhardt‘s old car?HarryMan

A: Harvick’s bump was inexcusable. You could see it coming and it was almost like watching a train wreck unfold at slow speed. You couldn’t believe he was going to run over Riggs, and then he did. But honestly, can NASCAR punish him after he essentially did the same thing Jeff Gordon did to Matt Kenseth earlier in the year? The precedent has been set.

Q: I don’t care what Harvick and Riggs had going on on the track; there’s no defense for ever touching a woman, much less pushing her down. I hope Riggs’s crew member gets arrested for assault.ryu8321

A: Ordinarily, I would certainly agree with that. In this case, though – and this has nothing to do with the on-track incident – I wasn’t there and I don’t know what DeLana Harvick said. I do know her mouth is at the very least a rival to Kevin’s own. I’ve heard her pop off before and quite frankly, female or not, if you’re going to be confrontational in life, sooner or later you’ll invite trouble for yourself. It could be that Riggs’s crew member was 100% at fault, and if he was, he’ll be dealt with accordingly. I’m just saying I’m not sure we’ve got the whole story, or will ever have it.

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Q: Jess, thanks for taking the time to read this. I know NASCAR needs to get paid by the sponsors, but whew! Every time I watch a race, it seems there are endless commercials. Hundreds and hundreds of them, it seems. I’m getting close to not wanting to tune in anymore. What do you think?Denise

A: I’ve seen the stats on Jayski and I’ve heard people say how it’s no different from sitcom television, blah, blah, blah. All I know is that there are too many of them, too often at crucial times of the race, and when Bill Weber is having to apologize for going to commercial break, that should be a sign the network is hearing a lot of complaints. But do I expect it to change? No, I actually expect it to get worse. Our televised product is fast becoming less a race and more a four-hour marketing special.

Q: You know NASCAR has its finger on all drivers’ futures when even drivers like Robby Gordon who was always so outspoken now just grin and bear it. What a shame that the drivers have become so vanilla. Get back to the real feelings, heck the sponsors will get more attention over controversy.Mike Millis

A: Yeah, but do the sponsors really want to see their driver throwing a helmet through Michael Waltrip‘s car, like Gordon did last year? Maybe, maybe not. I guess it depends on who you’re driving for. But it does seem like Robby gets picked on too much.

Q: I want to take a moment to thank Terry Labonte for being great to me and my son the couple of times we were lucky enough to meet him. I’d also like to thank him for a great career. And I’d like to say (expletive) to Rick Hendrick for putting Labonte in that piece of (expletive) at Texas. Terry deserved better than what he got this year.Big Jack

A: I agree, Jack. Terry’s best runs were almost all in the No. 96, a one-car team in its first year. If I were Rick Hendrick, I’d drop back to a three-car team, because it’s obvious they can’t adequately keep all their ducks in a row over there when they’re larger. I would say that if I was Labonte, I’d be complaining – but Terry wouldn’t complain, and we all know that.

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