Sunday , January 25 2015
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Write for Us

Are you looking for a fast-growing website that can give you an opportunity to not only share your thoughts on racing, but have FUN doing it with a group of laid-back, dedicated personnel? Well, we have the place for you. Frontstretch is now actively seeking a new writer or two to add to our dedicated staff.

Our website is one of the most popular NASCAR sites on the internet, on pace to reach between 1-2 million page views this year. It’s a great place to both begin and continue your writing career, and over the years many distinguished Frontstretch alumni have moved on to careers in Public Relations and NASCAR writing all over the U.S. Several other writers here have done radio spots and associate themselves with national publications such as Athlon Sports, CBS, FOX and more.

So, what are the qualifications to become part of the Frontstretch family (if we have an opening to use you)? Simple. As long as you can write clearly and make your reader think, dream, laugh, cry, swear, or hunt you down and beat you to a pulp, then you’re just who we are looking for!

For those who are interested in auditioning, we’d like you to write three articles based on the themes below:

  • The first will be a 250-to-500-word news article about a 2014 storyline. This is not a commentary or opinion piece, but a hard news one. You’ll have to write pretty tightly for this one, a basic writing skill.
  • The second article will be a commentary of around 1,000 words on what one change you think NASCAR (or INDYCAR) needs to make and why. You’ll also detail what the best solution is to the problem. This particular piece focuses on a specific topic in which you can make your unique voice heard. Not only should this column have a point, but it should come across in both a creative and exciting way. In other words, don’t just speak your mind without a firm foundation… give your opinion, but make sure it’s supported by facts. If you can do all that and come across as convincing — with your own personal style — then you’ve got as good a shot as any to move on to the next step.
  • Now, that third and final article is where you get to spread your wings a little bit — and it should have NOTHING to do with NASCAR. That’s right; even an article about why you should write for the Frontstretch will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Instead, write about anything else you can think of that doesn’t involve racing. There’s no word limit on this one, either; just don’t make it a storybook. Remember, with any type of audition piece, the longer it is, the more impressive it must be to retain its audience.

If we like your first two articles, we’ll read this one to see if you can fill a spot we need here. And if we like all three … we’ll definitely be in touch for a spot in our staff!

How do you get in touch? Simply email these three examples to our editors at and we’ll go from there.

Good luck, and thanks in advance for your effort! We’re looking forward to potentially working with you.


The Frontstretch Staff