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Voices From the Cheap Seats

Fixing NASCAR’s Product Is Simple, Yet Impossible

If you haven’t read "Friday's column": written by my esteemed, award-winning colleague Amy Henderson, you should. In it, Amy eloquently explains, in a much nicer and less crude way than I do, the many points that are making NASCAR just another channel to surf over on a Sunday afternoon. While I agree with Amy on almost every point, a very rare occasion indeed, I do disagree that the way to "fix" NASCAR is not simple but actually quite the opposite. To put it mildly, the fixes are no brainers; they're just choices NASCAR simply does not have the balls to make. Read More »

Voices from the Cheapseats: Dodge Needs to Put Up or Shut Up

If there is one thing…well actually there are many…but one of the things that just positively irks the living crap out of me is wishy-washyfulness. Maybe it’s just wishy-washyness, I dunno, but what ever you call it, I got no time for those who practice it. Either you ARE or you ARE NOT. You’re IN or you’re OUT. She’s pregnant or she’s not…you get the idea. Coming across this press release, I could do nothing more than shake my head and ask…WTF Dodge? Why even bother saying anything?! Read More »

BSNews! Allstate and Progressive Explore 2013 Sponsorship For Danica

A spokesman for Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) has announced that two different car insurance companies have expressed an interest in sponsoring NASCAR’s most popular female driver, Danica Patrick, possibly full-time by 2014. The two companies are Allstate and Progressive. This could prove to be a huge boon for Danica, or it might prove to be a huge headache as she is currently a spokesperson for Nationwide insurance. As one might expect, any sponsorship by a rival insurance company would only be allowed at the Sprint Cup level as Nationwide currently sponsors NASCAR’s lower series. While Nationwide doesn’t directly sponsor Danica’s car on the race track, she does do their ‘Vanishing Deductible’ commercial at the track and often takes it a step further by vanishing from contention and even behind the wall during races. Read More »

NASCAR Capitulates! “No Brainer” Seen As “Good Idea”!

Once again, a mere 11 or so years after the first time, an Earnhardt has lit a fire under the assess of the NASCAR brass, forcing them face the pain in the name of safety. In 2001, it took the tragic death of NASCAR’s most popular driver, Dale Sr., before NASCAR would mandate simple, existing safety equipment that would have saved his life. Those were the HANS device and SAFER barriers. This time, the son, again NASCAR’s most popular driver, is forcing NASCAR to back peddle when it comes to brain injury testing. Read More »

Voices from the Cheapseats: Repercussions of a Jr. Concussion

In light of Dale Jr.’s shocking announcement yesterday, there are a few observations and/or questions that I’d like to throw out there. As I read through the "transcript": of the news conference, the first thing that caught my eye were a few statements that seemed a bit off. Well duh, you say, the man has a concussion! Yeah, that’s very funny and all, but here is what struck me as strange. Read More »

The Psychology of Picking Your Favorite Driver (and MORE!)

As I was out on the road this morning, I happened to hear a radio interview with current Chase leader, Brad Kesolowski, and as it progressed it set me to thinking. In just exactly what order do I place certain characteristics when it comes to picking a favorite driver? However, before I delve into all that, let me say one thing. I know that many reading this are going to start whining about how “members of the media shouldn’t have a favorite!” Well let me tell you…anyone who is writing about NASCAR on the Internet on sites such as this, as well as hundreds of others, HAS a favorite driver. If they claim they don’t, they are lying! The only exceptions to this rule are those few ‘media’ members that are grossly overpaid by such sites as or network affiliated and the like. In other words, those folks who’s actual JOB it is cover it for a higher power full-time. Read More »

Champions Don’t Need to be Told to “Fall in Love”

Before we get started, here’s a bit from the “It’s about freakin' time, life beyond NASCAR” file. THE REAL REFS ARE BACK!!!! After last Monday nights total farce of a Monday Night Football game, which, by NASCAR terms, was akin to the infamous Indy Tire Debacle Race a few years back, I vowed never to watch another NFL game until the league settled its dispute with the REAL referees. Well thank goodness, my Sundays are now saved! Read More »

Voices from the Cheapseats: Allmendinger Sets Record Pace!

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that something still just ain’t right with all this? I speak of none other the latest chapter in the NASCAR vs Allmendrugger…I mean, Allmendinger saga. NASCAR Reinstates Driver AJ Allmendinger: NASCAR has reinstated driver AJ Allmendinger upon his successful completion of NASCAR's Substance Abuse Policy Road to Recovery Program. Allmendinger had been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR on July 24 for violating the sanctioning body's substance abuse policy (NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications) Read More »

BSNews!: Brian France Vows to Bring Peace to Mideast Via NASCAR

Daytona Beach, FL- Having exhausted the supply of NASCAR zealots in North America, NASCAR CEO Brian France, announced his plans to expand his sport around the world to the troubled areas in the Middle East. “I was sitting here, and by here I mean here in my palatial office, watching a bit of TV, just kind of surfing ya know, trying to find the Oprah channel, when I came across what I guess was a news piece about all this violence that has suddenly erupted in an area they call the ‘Middle East’,” said France. Read More »

Voices From the Cheapseats: It’s On the Internet So It Must Be True

Don’t you just LOVE press releases? Here is my favorite from this week but be forewarned, the follow clinch scenarios were found on the BSNews editor’s floor so don’t be surprised if some of the information therein is erroneous. (That means "wrong" in case you were wondering)... Richmond Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Clinch Scenarios (corrected); Below are the 2012 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup clinch scenarios for Saturday night's Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway, the final race before the Chase field is set. Nine drivers have clinched top-10 spots in the Chase: Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth, Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex Jr., Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin, Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick. Tony Stewart, currently 10th, has clinched at least a Wild Card spot. Read More »