Thursday , February 11 2016
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Kansas Casino Proves That, Yes, Virginia, There Is A NASCAR Monopoly

Imagine, if you will, that I am extremely rich. I have enough money to fund the bailout of the bank crisis several times over (not that I would bail them out -- they deserve no sympathy for their own stupidity). Instead, I embark on a little lavish stupidity of my own; I build a race track! Now, the track that I wind up building is the best that ever was. It’s not too long, not too short, and the banking has been precisely calculated to produce the best possible racing in the corners. It's got a wide, safe pit road, and the surface is so finely tuned that even a Goodyear racing tire could be used without the fear of it coming apart within just a few laps. Read More »

NASCAR Takes the Long Way Around the Barn With New Drug Policy

I came across a quote by Sir Barnett Cocks the other day that reminded me of the pansies that run NASCAR: “A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured -- and then quietly strangled.” The "idea," in this case, is NASCAR’s new drug testing policy and -- while it was not strangled -- it definitely had no business being in that neighborhood in the first place. Read More »

BSNews! Roid ‘Rage In NASCAR? And Bobby Hamilton, Jr. Eyes Short Stint in Cup

*BSNews - Bobby Hamilton, Jr.* Team Rensi Motorsports is facing a December shutdown if new sponsorship cannot be found, but Nationwide Series driver Bobby Hamilton, Jr. says he is not ready to quit driving just yet. “I’d like to run full-time, but if you can’t, you’ve got to take what you can take. The Nationwide cars, there’s just none out there. I’m about 40 percent talking to a Cup deal,” Hamilton, Jr. said of his 2009 racing prospects. NASCAR experts, though, say Hamilton, Jr. may be hoping for something just beyond his reach. Read More »

At What Point Does Fame Make You Become a Jerk?

Every once in awhile, something is publicized that, when you read it, leaves you scratching you head (or other parts of your anatomy) wondering -- just where the heck did that come from? Such is the case with the recent Rolling Stone article featuring Tony Stewart. Normally, I never would have even read the article because, in the grand scheme of things, I really don’t care. However, after hearing other members of the staff here at The Frontstretch going on about it around the virtual office’s virtual water cooler, I had to take a look for myself. Read More »

Well, That About Wraps It Up For Ganassi – The Sequel

Being the egotistical sort of creature that I am, I often -- upon hearing certain news items come out of the NASCAR garage -- go back through my archives to assure myself that I do, in fact, know what I am talking about. Turns out that's the case once again this week, as another set of my opinions came true after hearing the blithering idiocy recently spouted by none other than Felix Sabates of Chip Ganassi Racing with... Felix Sabates. Why, it was just over two years ago that the "first" production of this article was written and, looking back, it amazes even a man of my hat size that I can be so darned right all the time! Read More »

Only The Racing Has Gotten Better At Bristol

Last year about this time, I penned a column about the racing at Bristol that eventually led to the severe hair loss of several senior members of the Frontstretch Editorial staff. The problem, it seems, was my calling into question the professionalism of another journalist after he boldly proclaimed that he -- and the masses of fans that attended last year’s Sharpie 500 -- thought that the newly repaved surface of BMS caused some of the most boring racing he had ever seen. Read More »

In Less Than a Year, An Overrated Driver is Found Out

Once in awhile, something happens in the world of NASCAR that affords me the opportunity to be one of those annoying guys that no one wants to share a beverage with. You know the kind – the guy who says "Ha Ha! Told you so!" I try not to be that guy too often -- even though I am mostly right about most things -- because let’s face it, I like people to share their beverages with me! However, since I recently discovered the petty cash box here at’s Iowa office and took a crowbar to it, I have bought my own box of beverages, and can now sit here and say… “Ha Ha! Told you so!” Read More »

Biggest BSNEWS Scoop of the Year! One Word: Indianapolis

(BSNEWS – Indianapolis) -- Last Sunday’s Allstate 400, presented by NASCAR and Goodyear at the fabled "Brickyard…" And now, back to our regularly scheduled column… In all seriousness, the big news this week was, as so aptly covered by the BSNEWS team, the fiasco that was Indianapolis. But since it is now so late in the week, and you are probably sick of hearing about it, all I am going to do is throw in a couple of observations -- and maybe make fun of a few Goodyear quotes. First of all, there was no need for NASCAR to keep using the competition caution throughout the whole race. Read More »

Racing On History : A Look At Life At Greenville-Pickens Speedway

_Editor's Note: Jeff Meyer is off from Voices From The Heartland this week. Instead, good friend Mike Neff fills in with a unique voice of his own, about life working at one of the country's most unique tracks. Look for Jeff to return next week with his usual sarcastic humor!_ One of the coolest things about working on a Late Model race team in the Southeast is you get the opportunity to run on some of the tracks where NASCAR first put down its roots 60 years ago ... places like Hickory, Martinsville, and Concord, to name a few. But quite possibly the coolest track to race on is Greenville-Pickens Speedway outside of Greenville, South Carolina. It is an ultra-flat, half-mile oval that is about as slick as an ice skating rink, and will put even the best drivers to the test. GPS hosted its first NASCAR race in 1951. Bob Flock won $3,325 that day, finishing first in an Oldsmobile to begin what would be a long, fruitful partnership between stock car racing and the track. The oval was dirt from its opening until 1970 -- when it was paved and maintained to its current half-mile length. Read More »

Voices From the Heartland : Time To Get The Manufacturers Out of NASCAR

Wow! That’s a pretty bold headline! But the time has come to be honest with ourselves. Time to call a spade a spade. Time to open your eyes and actually see what your eyes are looking at every week. Time to stop being a narrow minded, automotive bigot! Time to admit that it _IS_ going to happen down the road, so we might as well embrace it and not stupidly act all surprised about it later. You are smarter than that. Consider some facts: GM stock has lost 75 percent of its value in the last nine months and is trading at an all time 54 year low. Fifty-four years people! That’s almost _BEFORE_ NASCAR was ‘invented’! Read More »