Monday , July 28 2014
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Voices From the Cheap Seats

Rest Assured, With Ten to Go, Teammates Know How You Make Your Bed!

Revealing what just may be the most profound look yet into the psyche of the mysterious enigma known as the Busch Brothers, big brother Kurt offered this bit of advice to his younger sibling after last Saturday's Pepsi 400 in Daytona. "For Kyle, the advice I would give is to understand that you're out there working as an individual," he said. "Hendrick is fielding your cars. There's not much you can do to help the other guys so therefore there's not much you should do to expect help from the other guys." That little bit of family wisdom was handed down on the heels of Kyle Busch's bitter defeat by .005 seconds to Jamie McMurray, a loss that ended with Busch none too happy about the way in which he was "pushed" to the finish line by his own organization. Read More »

BSNews! (Or Is It?) France Vows to Uphold Integrity of the Penalties, Not the Sport

*Daytona Beach, FL* - Speaking from his golden throne in a mahogany-paneled stall, just off his executive suite high above Daytona International Speedway, NASCAR CEO and self-appointed "King of Stock Car Racing" Brian France pontificated after hearing reports that recently suspended crew chiefs had been coaching their teams from surrounding high points at recent racing venues. "We just had a meeting about that," said France, forcing a grunt. "We will be, if that all is accurate, addressing that shortly." France went on to expound that, while he would prefer not to, the suspension of drivers may the next step in a rapidly growing list of consequences for inspection violations. "We'd like not to get to [suspending drivers]," he said while fidgeting with some paperwork. "We'd like to make the deterrent, a portion of the penalty, significant enough that it isn't necessary for us to do. But are we willing to go there? Of course we would. We're not hoping to do that [though]. That's sort of a death penalty." Read More »

TNT “F Bomb” Squad Snips Wrong Wire!

The explosion of an "F bomb" at last Sunday's Toyota/Save Mart 350 in Sonoma, CA is a prime example of what seemed like a brilliant idea at the time go horribly awry. The idea was to have Kyle Petty be part of the race broadcast team, not from the booth, but actually while he competed in the race itself. Brilliant! So far, so good. This could be really cool. However, not long into the broadcast, a few problems began to manifest themselves. Initially, due to some technical gremlins, booth announcers Wally Dallenbach and Bill Weber were having some difficulty establishing contact with racer / analyst Petty. At one point, once contact was made, they broke in and surprised Kyle while he was leading the team in a pre-race prayer. Oops! But after the initial awkwardness, breaking in on the team prayer could seem like a great thing as far as ratings go. Read More »