Saturday , February 13 2016
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Voices From the Cheap Seats

One-Line NASCAR Zingers From A Busy News Week

This past week, some things have popped up in the news that has given rise to me being more of a "one-lining, smart aleck" than usual. For instance (not racing related but it does have wheels), a state of Iowa politician who happens to be a friend of mine, recently commented on the state’s decision to shut down the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School (a historical entity that is even mentioned in the Laura Ingalls-Wilder books). “See those people under the bus? Those are blind children!” To which I replied…”Guess they should have installed those beeper things on the ‘Don’t Walk!’ signs!” That’s the kind of goofy mood I’ve been in lately, so here it goes (probably downhill from there!) Read More »

BSNews! Al Gore And ESPN Team With France To Save NASCAR

On the heels of ESPN’s announcement that it will utilize new technology to bring NASCAR race fans a “split-screen” commercial format during its airing of the Chase for the Sprint Cup later this year, BSNews has learned even more details of this heralded event, straight from the horse’s mouth. “Fans have, apparently, been dreaming of 'split-screen' technology for a few months now,” said NASCAR CEO, Briana France during a rare Wednesday daylight sighting. “It is my understanding, and as a marketing major myself I can understand it, that television fans have become adamant that we showcase our advertisers in this unique format.” Read More »

Jimmie Johnson Named “Most Influential Athlete” In One Company’s Eyes Only

If I were to come up to you and ask you who you thought the most influential athlete in America was, would you honestly spout out Jimmie Johnson? I mean, yeah, YOU might, simply because you are logged into a Web site devoted to stock car racing, so the results, if I were to ask it here, might be a little skewered, but seriously? Heck, chances are, even if we did ask that question on here, I still doubt Jimmie Johnson would top the list! Remember, we are talking ‘athlete’, not just ‘stock car driver!’ Imagine my surprise when I read that Jimmie had indeed been named, America’s Most Influential Athlete! There it was, right there amongst all the latest NASCAR related news, on that one web portal that millions of fans flock to for their daily NASCAR fix. I had to investigate further. A few links and wasted brain cells later, here is what I found out. Read More »

NASCAR Now Accidentally Tells The Truth

As usual when there is not that much going on in the sport of NASCAR (nothing going on that they will let me say anyway), Brian France has once again come to my rescue. Earlier this week, France was a guest on ESPN’s NASCAR Now program and, surprisingly, was actually complimented by at least one internet blogger who noted, that this “…was one of France's best TV appearances in years. The rumpled hair and open collar was replaced by a professional appearance that included a suit and tie. His answers were focused and made sense. That has not always been the case.” Read More »

NASCAR’s Fan Council Canceled by Fan

A couple of days ago, I received an email from a reader that confirmed a couple of things for me. First, people are still out there reading, which is good, and second (my favorite part!), I think I'm right! The letter had to do with NASCAR’s Fan Council and, if true it merely confirmed what I had written "back in September of last year.": Back then, a good friend of mine had recently been accepted to the Fan Council and was eager to participate…until he got his first survey. As I stated back then, my friend was not pleased and wanted to quit the Council then and there but I, for some cold beverage clouded reason, talked him out of it. He was, for awhile, sending me the questions from the surveys for my amusement, but like most men with shiny objects, we soon lost interest. He tells me now that he rarely, if ever, even opens the surveys. Read More »

Calling It Like I See It: Contrived NASCAR Controversy

OK, here’s the deal. You want me to write about how good the state of NASCAR is in? You want me to write about some feel good crap that umpteen other writers have already written about this week? No, that ain’t my style. I’ve been doing this writing thing for awhile on this site…that and the Top Ten List…and I’m gonna tell you what… Read More »

Nearly Four Years Later, Judge Holds NASCAR Solely Responsible For Air Disaster

In May of 2008, after exhaustingly pouring over official government documents concerning the July 10, 2007 NASCAR-owned plane crash in Sanford, FL that killed a total of 5 people, I wrote an "article": outlining a few facts that the sanctioning body forgot to mention to the public. In February of 2009, I did a "follow up": and outlined a few of the finer points that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had to say after their investigation was complete. I strongly urge you to check out those two links, especially the second one, to get an understanding of just what the NTSB said. Read More »

In Some Cases, The Apple Does Roll Far From the Tree

We all know the old saying: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” But this last weekend at Martinsville, stock car racing fans were given a rare glimpse of an apparent exception to that rule. Think back over the family history of NASCAR. You've got Lee and Richard Petty; Ned and Dale Jarrett; Coo Coo and Sterling Marlin, just to name a few, all father and son Cup stars in their own right. They each left their own legacy on the sport, yet with the son, you pretty much had the same driving style and ethic of the father. Not only on the track, but off the track as well. Read More »

“Yurnings” of ISC and NASCAR Denied

This is one of those stories that seemed to come out of left or, maybe more appropriately, the infield. According to International Speedway Corporation (ISC) spokesman Lenny Santiago, many people have asked over the years about having their ashes spend eternity at Daytona International Speedway. Apparently, enough of these requests have come in during the past half-century that it got ISC and NASCAR thinking about how it could go about selling these crispy fried fans the ultimate season ticket. So much thought went into it, in fact that there was legislation going through the Florida House and Senate to allow the construction of a columbarium on the DIS grounds. Read More »

Toasting NASCAR Leadership: Cheap Tickets, Good Seats Now Everywhere

Yes, you read the headline correctly. I, Jeff Meyer, a staunch advocate of many years for the removal of our sport's leader, Brian France from all things NASCAR (hey, I’m being nice! I never once said he should be shot or anything ultra-insensitive as that) am now asking that you, the true race fan, be thankful for Mr. France and I pray that he remains at the helm for many years to come. Read More »