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Fantasy Insider: Gordon Must Win to Keep Streak Alive

Well, how about the call to take Casey Mears over Kasey Kahne last week! Not only did Mears beat him by six positions at Phoenix, he did it with a top-25 effort, just like I called it. So excuse me if I pat myself on the back a little after what has been a long 2010 NASCAR season. This weekend, I like Mears again, believe it or not. And I am staying away from all three drivers running for the championship. I've got to believe if it gets to 20 to go and they are all running in a row, somebody is going to do something to someone, and that won’t help your fantasy team one bit. So what does that mean for your own roster running for a title? Don't worry, I've got all the picks and expert info to make sure you're not running out of gas at the finish. Let's take a look at some safer picks to bring that trophy home to your living room... shall we? Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Phoenix Couldn’t Come At A Better Time For J.J. – And Mears?

NASCAR heads west one last time this weekend when they go to the Arizona dessert for this weekend's main event in Phoenix. And this race couldn’t come at a better time for Jimmie Johnson as he’s owned the flat tri-oval for quite sometime, while Denny Hamlin has been less than stellar at the one mile venue. So with that, lets review some history and see if we can figure out a winning line-up for your fantasy team this Sunday. Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Talladega, The Track Too Tough To Predict

The task of sitting here looking at the list of drivers and comparing their race histories, recent struggles or successes, states of their current teams, or plain old gut feeling, then trying to come up with who will or won’t do well at a restrictor plate track is maddening. Simply put, no one dominates Talladega. Just when you think you’ve got a lock, you find out the man in question fails to finish half his restrictor plate track events. For what it's worth, though, I have once again compiled my list of guys you will want this weekend, and will basically sit and hope they all miss the Big One. Or maybe the Big Two, or Big Three... Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Two Former Champs A Trendy Pick To Start Strong At NHMS

Welcome, one and all, to this week’s edition of Frontstretch.com’s _Fantasy Insider_. The game has completely changed starting this week, as NASCAR’s version of the playoffs begins in New Hampshire. The top 12 drivers will shoot it out amongst themselves, as no one in the field wants to knock out a playoff participant and end his title shot. That leaves the racing to two groups: those competing for the championship, and those busy getting out of the way. So to learn which Chasers you want and which three non-Chasers will try to make their mark this weekend, just scroll on down the page to set your fantasy roster for Sunday. Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Must-Win Situations Mean Must Have On Your Roster At RIR

The high banks of Richmond allow for fast racing, and the 3/4-mile length keeps the action in close quarters, making this track one of the fan favorites. Combine that with Saturday night’s event being the last chance for drivers to make the Chase, and you’ve got all the makings for one of the best shows of the season. Of course, your fantasy league isn’t going to give you a break by resetting the points after this week, so once again you’ve gotta grab five winners - not five guys wanting to run 25th and just finish. So lets take a look ahead and see who will be the looking for the win and who’s just looking to survive the night in this week's edition of the Fantasy Insider. Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Bet High On Two Hit or Miss Drivers in Atlanta

Welcome back, one and all, to Frontstretch.com’s Fantasy Insider. With the final off week of the season behind us, it's time to look ahead to Sunday night's race in Atlanta, the highlight of Labor Day weekend - and the track where they used to give out the coolest trophy in auto racing to the winner of the Bass Pro Shops 500. Too bad this Sunday it's the Emory Healthcare 500 instead! Oh, well; maybe there’ll be a stethoscope or something on the trophy. Anyways, with the Chase around the corner now's the perfect time to fine-tune your own fantasy roster for the homestretch. Here’s your lineup of drivers you are going to want and the one you really are going to need to avoid for this weekend's race... Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Edwards, Biffle Have History And Momentum Heading To Bristol

Ah, the Bristol night race is upon us. And while the Chase format has watered down this race as no one driver wants to actually race a Chase contender and up knock him into the wall, its still one of the better races of the year. If they really wanted to spruce things up they could have moved this race to the first race of the Chase instead of Chicagoland, but that’s a different column. So without further ado, lets get into some numbers and see which drivers you want on your fantasy team this weekend. Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Roll Those Michigan Dice With EGR For A Big Winner

Welcome back everyone to this week's edition of Fantasy Insider. This week NASCAR returns to the heart of the American automotive industry for the Carfax 400 from Michigan International Speedway. Michigan has so many times come down to fuel mileage and no one does that better than the Roush Fenway teams. The battles, however, are won by the Indians and not the chiefs. So let's delve into the numbers to see which support drivers are gonna give you those big points totals yet still be cheap enough to put on your team. Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Martin and Stewart Will Be Kings of the Road

With the exception of my two-year-old son pointing to me and saying “DA DAAAAAAA,” there is no sweeter sound to my ears than that of 43 NASCAR engines thundering through the hills of New York’s wine country in Watkins Glen. And speaking of thundering, the weather this weekend looks brilliant, meaning I may actually get to see them qualify for a change. For those of you new to the sport, Watkins Glen combines high speeds with twisting corners and elevation changes that test not only the driver but his equipment as well. If NASCAR wants to brag about having the best 43 drivers in the world, they've got to run road courses, and could use a few more like this one. But with the test of left _and_ right turns usually comes major shakeup on your oval track roster. So with that in mind, let's look into who are the fantasy kings of the road... Read More »

Fantasy Insider: Stewart, Harvick Primed For Second Round Of Pocono Success

Welcome back, everyone, to this week's edition of the Fantasy Insider. Last Sunday was a bit rough for my picks; the usual suspects failed us at Indy, posting finishes that were mediocre at best, disastrous at worst for our rosters. Between Jeff Gordon's splitter and Juan Pablo Montoya splitting in two down the stretch, everyone's fantasy team learned a hard lesson in what happens when favorites fall apart. So this week, we’ll try and turn things around at Pocono, Pennsylvania for the second time in less than two months. If you had a winning team in June, you’ll wanna keep that lineup again this time; trust me, not a lot changes in six weeks! And if you didn’t have a winning team, well ... maybe this time you’ll listen to me! Here's a look at who's primed to score some major points up in PA... Read More »