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Five Years To One Blaise… and Gone

History is many things - interesting, amusing, informative. It can also be tragic. Time, the mechanism through which history is made, can be a healer in its quest to make bad memories fade...but it can also serve as a cruel reminder of events not easily remembered. It's that dark side of history that can make moments personal on so many levels, long after they first reached your head and touched your heart. I can't believe it's been five years this week. Read More »

Race Trax: Banquet 400

*On Track* The Banquet 400 is the 29th race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule and the third in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. The Cup Series visits the 1.5-mile Kansas Speedway for the only time in 2006. Kansas has hosted the Nextel Cup Series since 2001, and Jeff Gordon was the first driver to win in Cup competition at the speedway. Read More »

What’s the Call : Vickers and Gordon: Teammates Seeing Red (Bull)?

*This Week's Question: Jeff Gordon said that Brian Vickers wasn't really his teammate anymore since he is moving on to Red Bull Racing next year. Should Vickers feel an obligation to help Gordon win a Championship for Hendrick this year when he won't be there after the end of the season?* %{color:green}Amy:% Drivers are paid to race for wins, they've worked for years to do just that. Asking a teammate to finish anywhere but where he and his car are capable of finishing is a slap in the face. %{color:gray}Mike:% Gordon has a point; while blatant team racing goes against every fabric of the sport of NASCAR racing, teammates still have to work for the common good of all involved whenever the opportunity presents itself. Read More »

Chase This!

The Chase is on and what a better way to honor it then with some useless facts? That's right, race fans, I said useless. But useless is as useless does, and like the Chase these facts are certainly useless, entertaining maybe, but totally unnecessary. Sometimes, like these tidbits, unnecessary is fun. So without further ado, here are some fun facts about this year's Chasers. Did you know: Read More »

No Chase? Great!

It just occurred to me that with all the things there are to complain about with the Busch and Truck Series, (like Buschwhackers, really late start times, Buschwhackers…) they both have one really great rule (or lack of one): no Chase. At least not yet; frankly, never would be too soon to add the manufactured title run we have to suffer through in Nextel Cup. Read More »

Race Trax: Dover 400

*On Track* The Dover 400 is the 28th race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule and the second in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. The Cup Series visits the 1-mile Dover International Speedway twice in 2006, having also run here in June. Dover has hosted the Nextel Cup Series since 1969, and Richard Petty was the first driver to win in Cup competition at DIS. Read More »

What’s The Call? Dead In The Water After Race One of the Chase?

*This Week's Question: Can the first race in the Chase seal a team's fate for the next nine races?* %{color:green}Amy:% Amazing to think, but a whole season of hard work and hard racing really can come down to one event - and it's not Homestead. Everyone knows there are ten races in the Chase for the Nextel Cup, but the first one held at New Hampshire has shown it can make or break a team and their chances to sit at the head table in New York come December. %{color:aqua}Beth:% After their New Hampshire problems, Johnson dropped to 9th and Busch dropped to 10th in the Nextel Cup standings, and both find themselves well over 100 points behind point leader Kevin Harvick. So, does that mean their chances for taking home the big trophy after Homestead are over? Absolutely not! Read More »

That’s History

_Editor's Note: Amy Henderson is on vacation this week from That's History. Look for a new edition of TH to return next Tuesday, right here on the Frontstretch!_ Read More »

Race Trax: Sylvania 300

*On Track* The Sylvania 300 is the twenty-seventh race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup schedule. The Nextel Cup Series races at the 1.058-mile New Hampshire International Speedway twice each year. The series returns for the first race of the Chase for the Nextel Cup this time around. Read More »

Jimmie’s Gift

It wasn't about image. It wasn't about publicity, or pleasing a sponsor, or being politically correct. It wasn't about anyone else but one driver, his family, and hundreds of children they'll likely never meet. The Jimmie Johnson foundation, founded by Johnson and his wife Chandra earlier this year, was about doing what Johnson, the person, felt was right and just. Read More »