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Race Trax : Bank of America 500

*On Track* The Bank of America 500 is the thirty-first race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule. The Cup Series visits the 1.5-mile Lowe's Motor Speedway twice a year - Kasey Kahne won the Coca-Cola 600 at the track in May. LMS has hosted the Nextel Cup Series each year since opening in 1960. Read More »

What’s The Call? New Points System For The Chase?

*This Week's Question: With Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin all taking a big hit in points in incidents caused by non-Chase drivers, is it time to institute a separate points system for the Chasers so that other teams' mistakes don't have such a huge negative impact?* %{color:green}Amy:% Nearing the completion of its third year, the Chase for the Nextel Cup is looking more and more like a science experiment gone awry every week. Remember the flamboyant bread mold that, left unchecked, took over the refrigerator? Yeah, the sport's kind of like that...without the antibiotic qualities. %{color:brown}Jeff:% Part of racing is being able to avoid and or deal with ALL the other competitors. It is the unknown factors that could jump up and bite any team at any time that give this sport its charm. Read More »

NASCAR, Fix the Future…NOW!

This isn't a history column, per se. That's the usual agenda, but if you came in looking for some stories from NASCAR's glorious (and not-so-glorious) past, you might leave disappointed. What I'm going to write about - what I _need_ to write about after the race at Talladega - is how NASCAR needs to prepare for a future that is less than bright. Read More »

Race Trax: UAW-Ford 500

*On Track* The UAW-Ford 500 is the thirtieth race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule. The Cup Series visits the 2.66-mile Talladega Superspeedway twice in 2006-Jimmie Johnson won here in May. Talladega has hosted the Nextel Cup Series since opening in 1969, although the first race was run under protest by many drivers. The first Nextel Cup winner at Talladega was Richard Brickhouse, and the record for most wins (10) is held by Dale Earnhardt. Dale Earnhardt Jr. leads active drivers with five wins. Read More »

Five Years To One Blaise… and Gone

History is many things - interesting, amusing, informative. It can also be tragic. Time, the mechanism through which history is made, can be a healer in its quest to make bad memories fade...but it can also serve as a cruel reminder of events not easily remembered. It's that dark side of history that can make moments personal on so many levels, long after they first reached your head and touched your heart. I can't believe it's been five years this week. Read More »

Race Trax: Banquet 400

*On Track* The Banquet 400 is the 29th race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule and the third in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. The Cup Series visits the 1.5-mile Kansas Speedway for the only time in 2006. Kansas has hosted the Nextel Cup Series since 2001, and Jeff Gordon was the first driver to win in Cup competition at the speedway. Read More »

What’s the Call : Vickers and Gordon: Teammates Seeing Red (Bull)?

*This Week's Question: Jeff Gordon said that Brian Vickers wasn't really his teammate anymore since he is moving on to Red Bull Racing next year. Should Vickers feel an obligation to help Gordon win a Championship for Hendrick this year when he won't be there after the end of the season?* %{color:green}Amy:% Drivers are paid to race for wins, they've worked for years to do just that. Asking a teammate to finish anywhere but where he and his car are capable of finishing is a slap in the face. %{color:gray}Mike:% Gordon has a point; while blatant team racing goes against every fabric of the sport of NASCAR racing, teammates still have to work for the common good of all involved whenever the opportunity presents itself. Read More »

Chase This!

The Chase is on and what a better way to honor it then with some useless facts? That's right, race fans, I said useless. But useless is as useless does, and like the Chase these facts are certainly useless, entertaining maybe, but totally unnecessary. Sometimes, like these tidbits, unnecessary is fun. So without further ado, here are some fun facts about this year's Chasers. Did you know: Read More »

No Chase? Great!

It just occurred to me that with all the things there are to complain about with the Busch and Truck Series, (like Buschwhackers, really late start times, Buschwhackers…) they both have one really great rule (or lack of one): no Chase. At least not yet; frankly, never would be too soon to add the manufactured title run we have to suffer through in Nextel Cup. Read More »

Race Trax: Dover 400

*On Track* The Dover 400 is the 28th race on the 36-race NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule and the second in the Chase for the Nextel Cup. The Cup Series visits the 1-mile Dover International Speedway twice in 2006, having also run here in June. Dover has hosted the Nextel Cup Series since 1969, and Richard Petty was the first driver to win in Cup competition at DIS. Read More »