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Before It’s Too Late

It's a lot like the first day of school. You believe in possibilities-it's a brand-new year, and anything can happen. And, poised to start the 2007 NASCAR season on Sunday, it feels a lot like that indeed. This season will be a lot of things-exciting, colorful, fleeting. But I also find myself starting off a little skeptical. There have been so many changes in the offseason that I wonder if they're desperation moves. Read More »

NASCAR On the Right Track With Penalties

Penalties, penalties everywhere at Daytona. NASCAR handed down a total of five of them on Tuesday and Wednesday, the most severe coming late Wednesday afternoon when the sanctioning body announced a penalty against the team of driver Michael Waltrip following a strange substance in the intake manifold in both pre- and post-qualifying inspection. NASCAR confiscated the Toyota Camry, and when the substance appeared a third time, levied suspensions, point fines, and a monetary fine on crew chief David Hyder. Just to recap, on Tuesday, four crew chiefs were suspended for unapproved aerodynamic modifications, including all three top wrenches for Evernham Motorsports. Rodney Childers (Scott Riggs) and Josh Browne (Elliott Sadler) were suspended for two races and fined $25,000. In addition, both drivers and Evernham lost 25 owner/driver points for violations found prior to qualifying. Read More »

DEI’s Impossible Dream

Sometimes there are no easy answers to impossible situations. Sometimes there is no clear cut truth. Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Such appears to be the case within the walls of Dale Earnhardt, Incorporated. When Dale Earnhardt, Jr. told the racing world on Wednesday that he wants majority interest in DEI, it brought to a head a contract-and life-dispute that has likely been brewing far longer than most of us know. Read More »

Split Personality

I have a split personality. No, don't call the men in white coats. Neither one of us is violent. But I have noticed that sometimes, the race fan and journalist in me puts me at odds with the driver fan in me. Some race fans don't have this problem as they are simply driver fans to the point where if their guy is winning or losing, nothing else matters. Not the rules, not the lack of parity in the sport, and certainly not tradition or facts. Read More »

What’s The Call? Should The Daytona 500 Guarantee Starting Spots?

*This Week's Question : This year, 36 of the 43 spots in the Daytona 500 will be already "locked in," due to owner points and the past champion's provisional held by Dale Jarrett. Is it fair that so many cars are guaranteed spots in the field, or should the vast majority of drivers and teams have to qualify their way into the Great American Race?* Amy: Not qualifying for any race - let alone a race of the magnitude of the Daytona 500 - can be financially devastating for any NASCAR organization. The problem is, too much of the field attempting the Great American Race gets locked up before qualifying even begins. *Vito*: There seems to be quite a stir lately regarding the qualifying procedures for the Daytona 500. But ensuring that 35 of the 43 spots in the Great American Race are guaranteed to previous year's Top 35 in owner's points is not only should be expected. Read More »

This Is Only a Test

Wake up, NASCAR fans! Race season is just around the corner - and the roar of the engines at Daytona is the reminder we all needed, right? Well, maybe. I have to admit, I stopped thinking about the Patriots' playoff chances on weekdays in favor of checking speeds online. I took a few minutes to wonder where exactly Jimmie Johnson ran over a herd of zebras. Read More »

Best of Amy Henderson : Five Years To One Blaise … And Gone

History is many things - interesting, amusing, informative. It can also be tragic. Time, the mechanism through which history is made, can be a healer in its quest to make bad memories fade…but it can also serve as a cruel reminder of events not easily remembered. It's that dark side of history that can make moments personal on so many levels, long after they first reached your head and touched your heart. Read More »

Best of That’s History : Jimmie’s Gift

It wasn't about image. It wasn't about publicity, or pleasing a sponsor, or being politically correct. It wasn't about anyone else but one driver, his family, and hundreds of children they'll likely never meet. The Jimmie Johnson foundation, founded by Johnson and his wife Chandra earlier this year, was about doing what Johnson, the person, felt was right and just. Read More »

If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Break It Worse!

I could cry. Or barf. Or throw things. Or something. Okay, okay, I know, NASCAR listens to nobody and cares about no one...but this is crazy. Knowing changes to the Chase for the Nextel Cup were coming did nothing to soften the blow of the actual news when it happened late Thursday afternoon. Although specifics have yet to be released, this much is clear: NASCAR Vice President of Corporate Communications Jim Hunter confirmed that the sanctioning body will award more points for winning a race and that more drivers will be in the Chase, changes that I find clearly unnecessary. Read More »

Driver Review : Kenny Wallace

*Kenny "Herman" Wallace* *2006 Ride:* No. 78 Furniture Row Chevrolet *2006 Owner:* Barney Visser *2006 Crew Chief:* Joe Garone *Stats:* 17 races, 0 Wins, 0 Top 5s, 0 Top 10s, 43rd in Points. *Best Finish*: 25th (twice). *High Point:* Intermediate tracks. These 1.5-to-two-mile tracks were not Wallace's strong point early in his career, but in 2006, most of the No. 78 team's seventeen successful qualifying attempts came on this type of track. Read More »