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NHMS Newsletter content 6-26

*Stewart Grabs Pole* * Tony Stewart grabbed the pole for Sunday’s Lenox Industrial Tools 301 on Friday with a little help from Mother Nature. The skies opened over New Hampshire Motor Speedway, forcing NASCAR to cancel both Nationwide Series final practice and Sprint Cup Qualifying. Stewart will, however race his backup car after a crash in morning practice. “It’s a big motor deal,” say Stewart of making good laps at NHMS. “With the corners being so tight, you’ve got to ... Read More »

Need A Date?  Sorry, Kentucky,  NHMS Isn’t Your Type!

Need A Date? Sorry, Kentucky, NHMS Isn’t Your Type!

Race fans have a sometimes contentious relationship with the Magic Mile--the contention owing to a track that fans just don’t seem to know what to make of, less than stellar racing in the track’s past, and television networks’ seeming inability to show any racing that isn’t among the top five and occasionally Dale Junior. With Speedway Motorsports, Incorporated’s latest purchase of Kentucky Speedway, there are those fans who would like to see NHMS lose one of their two dates in favor of the 1.5-mile oval in Sparta. To this notion I say, “Wait just one minute!” Read More »

Beyond the Cockpit: Kenny Wallace on The Fan Car, Big Changes, and…Use Your Imagination

Beyond the Cockpit: Kenny Wallace on The Fan Car, Big Changes, and…Use Your Imagination

_The NASCAR Nationwide Series has evolved through the years, in every aspect from the series’ vision to the technology and expense needed to be successful. A handful of drivers have been there through many of the changes, and this week we speak with one of them. The Frontsretch’s Amy Henderson sat down with Nationwide and Cup Series veteran Kenny Wallace, for a candid conversation about his team’s sponsorship efforts to run at Montreal in August, to the effects of manufacturer cutbacks and the series’ evolution on the teams...and then number one item on his grocery list._ *Amy Henderson, Frontstretch.com:* You’ve got an effort going for Montreal to have your fans sponsor your car. How is that working out? *Kenny Wallace:* The fan car is exactly that. It was an idea from one of my Facebook friends. It started out when I reached out to the media, asking if anyone knew any companies who would sponsor us in Montreal. Then we said, ‘hey wait, we have over 5,000 friends and fans on Facebook so we said why don’t we try and raise $20 per person?’ Read More »

Wallace and Team Trying To Score One For the Good Guys

Wallace and Team Trying To Score One For the Good Guys

Sponsorship is always a hot topic in racing and in the current economic environment, many teams, even some top Sprint Cup teams, are worried about sponsor dollars. And in the Nationwide Series, that talk is often doubled. There has been growing concern over the last decade as more Sprint Cup drivers are entering more Nationwide Series races. Sponsors love to get on the hood of a big star at a reduced rate, and so they flock to those teams like flies to honey and teenage girls to Kasey Kahne. This left many longtime and full time Nationwide teams without sponsorship, and many out of business altogether as the Cup teams have pushed them aside. The trend has turned off many longtime series fans, as well, as they watched their favorite teams and driver fall by the wayside. Now fans have a chance to change that. Read More »

Secret Star/Stat of the Race: Infineon

*Secret Star of the Race-The Best Run You Never Saw* After being nearly fired, any race probably feels pretty darn good. When you haven’t had a top 10 since Daytona, any top 10 is a small victory. So *Elliott Sadler*’s 10th-place run at Infineon was a small victory-but if you blinked you probably missed it, because Sadler didn’t get much airtime in the process. It was, in fact, a pretty good day to be a Richard Petty Motorsports driver-three RPM ... Read More »

Big Six: Toyota/Save Mart 350

Who…gets my shoutout of the race? Running on a smaller budget is usually not indicative of a great finish, but someone forgot to give *Marcos Ambrose* that memo. Ambrose once again showed his considerable road racing skill as he was alternately patient and aggressive in his march from the back of the field (where he was relegated after a pre-race engine change) to third at the checkers. If you aren’t impressed, you must have been watching a different race. What…was ... Read More »

Big Six: LifeLock 400

*Who…gets my shoutout of the race?* I’ve never had a problem with fuel mileage racing-it’s certainly exciting in its own way. Who would have thought the lead would change twice on the last lap because two different leaders ran out of gas. The mileage issue proved the old adage about better lucky than good, because until he ran out of fuel on the final lap, *Jimmie Johnson* had the field covered all day long, putting out a dominant performance and ... Read More »

Too Vanilla Or Too Obnoxious?  Where’s the Middle Ground?

Too Vanilla Or Too Obnoxious? Where’s the Middle Ground?

It isn’t easy to please race fans. That becomes evident in any discussion about drivers. One guy isn’t talented enough, and if he has a family name with a racing history, well then, by gum, he’d better live up to it or else! The next is too talented, apparently, because he wins too much, whatever that means. It’s a sport, winning is kind of the point… But I digress. Then there is the constant back-and-forth about the driver who, for whatever reason, is perceived as “boring” and the one who is an “obnoxious jerk.” Read More »

Big Six: Pocono 500

*Who…gets my shoutout of the race?* When racing gets down to fuel mileage, there is the potential for a shakeup in the finishing order, and this week was no exception. That’s not a knock on mileage racing-it’s a part of the game and the drivers that finish well still had to race all day to get in that position, usually gambling to do so. One driver who really benefited from the strategy was *Marcos Ambrose*, who finished sixth for the ... Read More »

The Wheel Files: Conspiracy Theories Alive and Well in NASCAR

The Wheel Files: Conspiracy Theories Alive and Well in NASCAR

Did you hear? NASCAR wants Kyle Busch to win the championship and will do anything to make sure he does. NASCAR doesn’t want Hendrick Motorsports to win another title, either. And the reason they don’t publish the rulebook or specific punishments is so they can punish based on who they want to win and who they don’t. And let’s not forget that they really don’t want independent teams in the sport and will go about slowly eliminating them, one by one. All secretly. Cue the whistly, sort-of scary music and bring on the slightly harangued FBI agent who works in the attic because nobody else will work next to his lunchbox, which contains Limburger cheese every day since 1982, because there is a conspiracy afoot. Or so legions of NASCAR fans would have us believe. To hear some fans tell it, NASCAR picks and chooses who is going to succeed, and who is going to fail. And maybe the weather, too. Read More »