Thursday , February 11 2016
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NASCAR’s Gen-6 Stumbles Out Of the Gate At Daytona: Can It Be Fixed?

The time and effort that has been poured into the rollout of the Gen-6 Cup car is probably more than the GDP of most Third World countries. The manufacturers have cooperated with each other in unprecedented fashion, and NASCAR has worked with all of them to make the cars as equal as possible while still maintaining the characteristics of the street cars they represent. The release has been forced down the throats of the fans, media and drivers to make sure everyone is on the same page as NASCAR tries to move back to the head of the sports landscape, or at least in the passenger's seat next to the NFL. Unfortunately, after the first eight days of exposure on the racetrack in competitive events, the report card is somewhere between a C- and an F. Read More »

Pace Laps: Toyota’s Dominance Turned Disaster, Gauging Larson’s Psyche And Solid Starts

*Sprint Cup: Camrys Go Kaput At Daytona* Heading to 50 laps to go in Sunday's Daytona 500, it wasn't a question of _if_ Toyota would be the first foreign manufacturer to win the race but _who_ would have the honor of holding the trophy. At one point, the top six drivers were all running Camrys, pulling away from the pack in a rare display of one make's dominance over the field. Would Matt Kenseth stay on cruise control, dominating the race to the tune of 86 laps led and win the 500 back-to-back? Or how about Kyle Busch, recovering from a jack problem on pit road to run solidly inside the top 5? Could the third man in the Joe Gibbs Racing trio, Denny Hamlin, snooker them both? Or would one of the three Michael Waltrip Racing entries, driven by Mark Martin, Clint Bowyer, or Martin Truex, Jr. take control? Read More »

New Beginnings: Why This Weekend Might Change Things Dramatically For NASCAR

It was a wild weekend for NASCAR. The span of a few days has rarely generated so many talking points, so much controversy, and such a wave of emotions. From Larson’s controversial move in the inaugural Battle at the Beach to a lackluster Daytona 500, and everything in between, we were never without discussion and speculation. What came with all of those storylines, however, was a largely unanticipated step by the sport back into the “real world,” or, as some call it, “mainstream.” For the most part, this transition began with Danica Patrick’s pole-winning run a week ago for Daytona 500 qualifying. Though Patrick had already generated quite a bit of buzz outside of the walls of the NASCAR garage, it wasn’t until she actually pulled though with some results that everyone, and I mean _everyone_, began to take notice. Read More »

The Big Six: Questions Answered After The Daytona 500

_Looking for the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How behind Sunday's race? Amy Henderson has you covered each week with the answers to all six race day questions, otherwise known as the Big Six._ *Who… gets my shoutout of the race?* Talk about making the most of an opportunity. For a driver like Jimmie Johnson, that's not so big of a challenge. But for *Michael McDowell*, the chance just to finish a race doesn't come around that often, as owner Phil Parsons chooses to start and park most weeks. This time, McDowell was given the chance to go the distance, in the sport's biggest race and he responded with a top-10 finish. His 9th-place run is also his first career top-10 result in Sprint Cup competition, though he's done admirably in a sometimes role with Joe Gibbs' Nationwide team (two top 5s and five top 10s in six 2012 races). McDowell deserves a shot at a better ride than what Parsons offers. Read More »

Toyota Racing Suffers Mechanical Issues in Daytona 500 Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch may be new teammates, but they’re first ... Read More »

Quotes to Remember: Daytona 500

“We basically just had a body issue. The nose caved in, the hood caved in a little bit, but the ... Read More »