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The Frontstretch Staff is made up of a group of talented men and women spread out all over the United States and Canada. Residing in 15 states throughout the country, plus Ontario, and widely ranging in age, the staff showcases a wide variety of diverse opinions that will keep you coming back for more week in and week out.

Mirror Driving: Vickers vs. Stewart, Daytona Rivalries and Kurt Busch as Champion?

*The Toyota / Save Mart 350 saw aggressive driving and payback between Tony Stewart and Brian Vickers. Did NASCAR finally make the right call by letting them "have at it" or should they have stepped in?* Jeff: They worked it out amongst themselves so let it be. Beth: I don't have a problem with NASCAR's no call on this one. They've promised boys have at it, and that's exactly what this was. Mike: Stewart wasn't mad so how can anyone else be mad. He said he knew it was coming and he was cool with it so it is all good. I didn't really think Vickers was blocking in the shot they gave of the initial incident. That doesn't let you know what he was doing before that. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Red Bull Reaction, Spoiled Oil And Nationwide Driver Swaps

*Reports have Red Bull pulling out of NASCAR at the end of 2011. With the demise of yet another smaller team, does NASCAR need to worry?* Mike: I don't know that I'd call Red Bull a smaller team. They had as big of a budget as anyone in the sport. but yes, it is not good to have two more cars not coming to the track every week Amy: Yes, but they've needed to worry for a few years now and they haven't started yet, so I can't see this being any different. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Gordon’s Win, NASCAR’s Warning And The Truck Series Gone Wild

*Jeff Gordon's win Sunday was his fifth at Pocono and the 84th of his career, tying Gordon with Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison for third on the all-time list. How do Gordon's numbers stack up against history?* Phil: That's a disputed third. However, I'd say that Gordon's 84 came against tougher competition than Waltrip's, and he took just about as long to get there as Waltrip did. Brody: Gordon's numbers, I believe, stack up just as well against Allison or Waltrip, if not better considering his competition. Read More »

Mirror Driving: NASCAR’s Consistency, Some Fight And Fuel Mileage Racing…Again

*Brad Keselowski's win Sunday moved him into 21st in driver points, and potentially into position to make the Chase as a wild card should he be able to move into the top 20 by Richmond. Is Keselowski consistent enough to move into contention-and will one win cut it for a wild card spot in September?* Phil: At this point, who knows if one will be enough. He doesn't think so. I think getting into the top 20 won't be too difficult. He's only seven points out right now. Keselowski has been running a little better as of late. He needs to keep up the momentum. Amy: I think he can get into the top 20. I don't think one win will do it, though. Read More »

Mirror Driving: A Cautionary Tale, Ragan Rallies and Preseason Favs Fading

*There was a debate after the Coca-Cola 600 surrounding a multi-car crash on the first lap of a green-white-checkered attempt, which did not draw a caution and occurred while Dale Earnhardt, Jr was leading and gunning for his first win in 105 starts. Was the non-call the right thing to do, a blatant attempt to try and assure a popular win, both, or neither?* Mike: I don't think it was a good call but I also don't think it was to try and get Earnhardt a win. I think they were trying to let the race run its course with so many people about to run out of gas, but I think they should have thrown the caution. Amy: Personally, I say neither. There was no way to guarantee Junior the win, caution or not. However, there should have been a caution. Some friends of mine were sitting over that way and said there was debris on the track. Read More »

Mirror Driving: All-Star Disappointment, Kyle’s Ticket and Raikkonen’s Future

*Saturday night's All-Star Race was decidedly tame compared to what fans have come to expect from a non-points race for $1 million. What was the reason for that, and what can be done about it?* Amy: The All_Star deal has gone downhill ever since Spring came on, truth be told. Bring back the invert, eliminate drivers each segment and only let one guy race in. Phil: Well, sometimes races get spread out. Big deal. It happens. It's not the end of the world. Mike: There needs to be desperation involved and I don't know for sure how you get it. They need to bring the invert back for sure. They need to get the Showdown back to one driver transferring, not two. I'd really like to see them go to heat races. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Tire Rubber Slicks, Empty Seats and Picking on Probationers

Mirror Driving: Tire Rubber Slicks, Empty Seats and Picking on Probationers

*The second half of the Dover event was peppered with driver complaints about excessive rubber buildup on the track, caused from the tires making the racing surface too slippery. Is this something NASCAR and Goodyear need to address... or a case where the drivers need to deal with it?* Summer: Drivers will complain about anything that makes the racing difficult. Amy: In the case of Dover, definitely a "shut up and drive" situation. In the case of Bristol, there were safety issues, and in that case, obviously something needs to be done. Safety issues, like tires cording in a handful of laps, need addressing. Phil: They had the exact same issues last Fall. It did negatively affect the action since drivers had serious troubles passing people, and the COT probably didn't help things much. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Regan’s Win, Kevin vs. Kyle and Fuel Injection

*Regan Smith got his first career win on Saturday night. Could this victory be the springboard towards a ride with a team that has better resources, or is Smith better served by staying at Furniture Row, trying to develop that program into a yearly Chase contender?* Summer: I don't really see that team turning into a yearly Chase contender anytime soon. Let's remember, that win wasn't because they necessarily had a good car. It was the strategy that won them the race. Mike: Furniture Row has the resources. They can get whatever they want because their owner wants to win. He can succeed with them it would just help if they got another car. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Carl’s Contract, All-Star Racers And A Solution to Nationwide Interlopers?

Mirror Driving: Carl’s Contract, All-Star Racers And A Solution to Nationwide Interlopers?

*With Greg Biffle signed to a contract extension, the biggest free agent question mark is Carl Edwards. Is Edwards better off re-signing with Roush-Fenway or shopping his wares elsewhere; and if so, where?* Phil: I'd say he should stay in the No. 99. He'd only hurt himself by leaving. Plus, it's not like he's struggling right now. Amy: I think RFR is probably the best fit for Edwards in terms of both equipment and personality. I don't see Edwards fitting the Hendrick mold, but they don't have an open seat anyway. Gibbs could be a player, but I'm not sure how the chemistry would be. Ditto Stewart-Haas. Mike N.: Carl's not going anywhere but, if he wants to get a couple more bucks out of Jack Roush and John Henry he should shop his talents, or maybe take them to South Beach. Read More »