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The Frontstretch Staff is made up of a group of talented men and women spread out all over the United States and Canada. Residing in 15 states throughout the country, plus Ontario, and widely ranging in age, the staff showcases a wide variety of diverse opinions that will keep you coming back for more week in and week out.

Mirror Driving: Twitter Trials, Charlotte Questions And Can Lofton Last?

*The Sprint All-Star Race featured a new format for 2012, which gave an advantage for the final 10 laps to the winners of each segment. Was the new format a keeper, and if not, what changes should be made?* Mike N.: I think they need to require a tire change on the pit stop. Other than that, I enjoyed it. Vito: Judging by the last segment, it didn't work as planned. Read More »

Mirror Driving: NASCAR Rule Changes, Brawl Mistakes, And History Makers

*For the second year in a row, the race at Darlington featured a post-race pit road incident, this time between Kurt Busch and members of Ryan Newman's pit crew. Last year saw two drivers get monetary fines and probation… this year, we saw more of the same. Is that type of penalty sufficient, or is it time for NASCAR to ramp up the consequences if they aren't getting the point across?* Phil: That whole thing is looney tunes. Simple as that. Amy: I think they should up the fines significantly, like they did with Kurt. Face it, the $25,000 Harvick and Kyle Busch got last year was pocket change. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Overheating Objections, Winless Streaks & Dangerous Double Standards

*After a season-high number of engine failures at Talladega, is it time for NASCAR to make some rules changes ... or is keeping the tandem drafting at bay more important than the individual teams affected by the rule?* Mike: I think they need to look at a minor change with the pressure release valve, just because some cars were overheating in the pack. When drivers can't race their cars because they are overheating with the grill opening mandated by the rules, there is a problem. Beth: Why not tweak the rules again? I mean there are drivers suffering engine failures thanks to the rule, and it was _still_ the two-car tandem that won the race. Read More »

Mirror Driving: NASCAR Confusion – The Wrong Flags At The Wrong Times?

*By now, everyone knows about the black flag that cost Carl Edwards a shot at the win on Saturday night. Was NASCAR's call correct... and can anything be done to keep the same thing from happening again?* Jesse: It was a judgment call that didn't need such a knee-jerk reaction. I really don't think Edwards should've been black-flagged. They should've taken a minute to look at the tape. Phil: Well, there appears to have been confusion as to who was where. They probably should have taken another lap just to get everything squared away. Read More »

Mirror Driving: The Rights Of A Lapped Car, Pastrana’s Debut And 5-Hour… What?

*The last two races, at Texas and Kansas, have run without a single multi-car incident, and there have been complaints about the quality of racing in both. Even Martinsville and Bristol saw fewer dustups than fans are accustomed to. What accounts for the lack of full-contact racing, anyway?* Beth: Simple answer: points. Everyone is so concerned about making the Chase and winning a championship that they're terrified to screw up and cost themselves. Amy: Well, we talked about drivers points racing, but I don't think that's all of it. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Lifeless Laps at Texas, RCR’s Struggles and Revisiting Rockingham

Mirror Driving: Lifeless Laps at Texas, RCR’s Struggles and Revisiting Rockingham

*Texas, besides a late-race pass for the lead was regarded by many as boring - a label that's been applied to many intermediate track races over the last few seasons. Is it the cars, the track size, the drivers... or a combination of all three that's causing the word "snoozer" to be thrown around on these 1.5-mile ovals?* Kevin: It may not even be any of those. The TV coverage always seems to leave something to be desired. Amy: I think it's the tracks more than anything else. They weren't more exciting with the old car, though it is disappointing that the car is still too aero dependent to race well on them. TV coverage is part of it, but not all. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Franchise Talk, Victory Droughts, And NASCAR’s Short Track Future

*While Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s winless streak is one of the longest and most talked about in NASCAR, several drivers are in the midst of a drought. Among them: Carl Edwards, Greg Biffle, Juan Montoya, Mark Martin, Jeff Burton, and Martin Truex, Jr. Which slumping driver is likely to break through to Victory Lane first... and how soon?* Kevin: I'd go with Biffle or Edwards, with the way Roush has been running this year. And in terms of how soon... I could see it happening _very_ soon. Maybe even this weekend at Texas. Phil: As far as Edwards is concerned, it doesn't even feel like it’s been a year since he's won. He's always up there contending for a victory, and just slides inside the top 5 instead. He'll score one at some point. Read More »

Mirror Driving: An Overlooked Rule, NASCAR Hendrick Trivia, And Bowyer’s Role

Mirror Driving: An Overlooked Rule, NASCAR Hendrick Trivia, And Bowyer’s Role

*We certainly had a situation at Martinsville on Sunday. David Reutimann limped around late in the race, bringing out a caution rather then dropping immediately to pit road and on the restart, Clint Bowyer took the race leaders three-wide going into Turn 1 with disastrous - and predictable – results. Who's really to blame for the wild ending?* Phil: I'm not completely comfortable blaming Reutimann for what happened. Martinsville's like a conveyor belt on a long run. It was legitimately tough to get onto pit road. As for the restart, that happens at Martinsville with a GWC. You remember that race last year, right? Amy: For me, the blame comes easy; NASCAR and their ridiculous top-35 rule. There will be more on that later, but nobody should be in the position Reutimann was in, needing those extra laps for one point. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Adjusting Auto Club, Points vs. Wins And Martinsville Maniacs

Mirror Driving: Adjusting Auto Club, Points vs. Wins And Martinsville Maniacs

*The crowd at Fontana was solid this past weekend but the racing? And the ratings? That left something to be desired. After all the talk about Bristol, should this track be next on the list to be torn up and redone?* Amy: Next? It should be first on the list. Bristol is fine the way it is. Fontana should be blown up and made _into_ a Bristol. Kevin: I couldn't care less about Fontana, and haven't for quite a few years now. I always kind of dread the week NASCAR goes to the place because the races just tend to be so yawn-worthy. Go ahead and mess with the track if you want... but I don't think it's going to do much. Read More »

Mirror Driving: Michael’s Miracle, Nationwide Normalcy And NASCAR Fan Protection

Mirror Driving: Michael’s Miracle, Nationwide Normalcy And NASCAR Fan Protection

*With all three teams finishing in the top 5 at Bristol and both full-time drivers in the top 10 of Sprint Cup points, Michael Waltrip Racing is off to a stellar start in 2012. Can they sustain it and establish themselves among the sport's elite teams?* Kevin: I think so. They may not be among the elite at year's end, but I think we're going to see them as a better team than we have in the past. Amy: I'm not sure MWR can sustain it at the level it is now, but Truex has been steadily improving for months. I think they can put either him or Bowyer in the Chase, but not both. Read More »